New stage 4 liver and suspected bile ducts cancer

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Hi everyone am new to I the forum ! I have been diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4 after 2 previous breast cancer occurrences in the last 3 years. Devastated and still numb !! am still awaiting full liver biopsy results but not looking good I suspect it’s in the bile ducts too after talking to oncologist professor at clatterbridge but await confirmation of this anyone here had similar ? Liver diagnosed 7 weeks ago then first cycle of carboplatin 1 week later then at 3 weekly rounds so had second chemo yesterday ! Hence the insomnia and being awake at 4 am as he said it’s a strong dose. Feeling the usual tired dizzy aching pains but managing 4/5 litres of water to flush out my body over 24 hours otherwise I don’t pee properly and we need to keep hydrated don’t we ! I think it’s the toxins in the chemo with me. I have noticed others with similar diagnosis are on a couple of drugs together ! But I was told due to me having chemo prior to last Christmas I needed to be on one they had not recently used probably due to its ability to work so this is a strong type

it appears the prognosis and time scales don’t look as good as I expected so I intend to grab what I’ve got with both hands now and embrace all the love and kindness am being given which is pretty hard to do as am usually the one giving all my love away being a Mum and Nana and dog mum. Any similar experiences would be a great help 

love to everyone take care 

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  • Hi there I have just read your post. I’m very sorry to hear this news and admire your courage. 
    My fit and healthy husband was diagnosed with bile duct cancer about 4 months ago, and we chased the hospital for a gene biopsy. Nowadays there are trials being done with targeted drugs pertinent to one’s genes.  If you don’t know whether you have a mutant gene can I suggest you ask your oncologist for further information. 
    Good Luck. 

  • Ivosidenib is being used if you have the IDH1 mutation xxx