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Hi there - strange question coming up!

We have been told to wash our clothes separately.  Flush the loo twice. Does anyone else follow this procedure? What about crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher? 

Any guidance on the above would be great and also for how long after each chemo treatment should we be doing the above. 

Thank you. 

  • Hi  

    When I had chemotherapy for breast cancer I was told to flush the toilet twice but nothing about washing clothes separately.

    If you click on this link to Macmillan's information on chemotherapy for bile duct cancer, you can have a look at the information on the type of chemotherapy that your husband will be having. However, the best source of information will be the chemo nurses at your husband's hospital so he could give them a ring before he starts treatment to double check what precautions are necessary.

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