Facing facts

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Hello all

My father has sadly recently been diagnosed with bile duct cancer as primary but has spread to the lymph nodes in his abdomen.

I’m still struggling a bit in getting my head round this, my dad has lost an awful amount of weight, I struggle with not seeing him even drink much water causing dehydration I’m sure, and not wanting to drink the shakes that the doctor has recommended, and now this evening he is starting to be sick and bring up bile, I’m very scared   Sob

  • hi @Henleys - I can't offer you any 'hope' but I wanted to say, I've been there. This sounds very similar to my partner's situation.  

    Personally, I found it was helpful to face facts. You don't say where your father is or how he's being supported, but I hope he's getting a LOT of care and support. Medication can help him with sickness, palliative care teams can help him be comfortable, and you  can help him. My partner went to a hospice and they were amazing, but they would also have supported him at home. And I hope your family is getting good support too.

    I wish we didn't have to face these terrible things but in my experience it's better to face it courageously. But you are you, and your family is your family.  Sending very best wishes.