Newly diagnosed in Spanish hospital

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Hola ,just been diagnosed in Spain 

I not fluent in Spanish by any stretch of my imagination so I’m sure some points are getting lost in translation 

Have tell tale jaundice, itching and dark urine but no discomfort 

billyrubina/bile level 17

malaga hospital have MRI/CT and ultrasound within the day

in translation seemingly smaller leading to positive thoughts 

Tuesday plan of action vascular radiology and catheter to drain bile before monitoring billyrubina Then possible further surgery 

Quite practical and factual be would consider any pointers from fellow experience regards

  • Hi  - sorry you've just been diagnosed with this, it's not an easy time.

    My partner was diagnosed in October 2021, with similar symptoms to you. This is a rare cancer, and from what I can gather everyone's experience is different. 

    I'd really recommend checking out the AMMF website - it's a UK charity but theyre well-connected internationally so they might be able to help you navigate in Spain.  If you're on Facebook there's also a useful group, Cholangiocarcinoma Support UK and Europe which is a great place to get insights from other people going through this, and you might find other people in Spain to link up with.

    One early bit of advice everyone with experience seems to give is to ask your oncologist if there are any trials you can join. There's quite a lot of work going on to develop better treatment.

    Mostly, sending you very very best wishes with all of this journey.