Bile cancer just diagnosed

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Well a member of a new group i never thought existed or would be part of life throws these balls and i guess one has to be ready and do the best one can

had a stent fitted on nov 23rd after begining to ho yellow was not a nice experience wouldnt recomend but guess we hold onto what ever pole is offered 

im 61 and am a beginner at this lol

  • I'm so sorry you're joining this club. My partner was diagnosed in October 2021 when he was 60 and it came out of the blue. He's had stents, and currently going through chemotherapy/radiotherapy.

    We've both learned a LOT we didn't expect (or want) to know over the last year. Because it's such a rare cancer everyone's journey seems to be different. Macmillan and the online community are brilliant but this group tends to be a bit quiet - if you're on Facebook you might want to join Cholangiocarcinoma Support (UK and Europe) co-ordinated by AMMF.

    Keep being strong. Sending you best wishes, and all the good luck you can get. 

  • Thank you mcmillian have given me strong helpful advice eapecially when the hospitable

    didnt pass on info about time places and fasting before ect it has already made things more difficult 

  • Oh, that's not good. Glad you got some decent advice. You'll learn about all of this but learning should be easier than that. Have you been allocated a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) yet? If not check information on your hospital website. Ours is supposed to give you CNS support from the time of diagnosis. I had to push hard to get connected to the team - it took a few weeks while the jaundice got sorted out - but since we've been in touch they have been brilliant.