Husband diagnose with bile duct cancer metastasis

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Hi I’m new here , just wanted to join to get some advice on bile duct cancer , my husband got diagnosed in October 2021 he underwent a resection and had 80% of his liver removed , he done so well ev the doctors was shocked how well he recovered . He had capecetine chemotherapy for 6 months after , he coped so well , and had to go on blood thinners as had a blood clot in liver , so he had to ha a ct scan to see how the blood clot was doing , we went for the appointment and the news wasn’t good , the cancer has come back in the liver , lymph nodes and lung we are devastated can’t get our heads round it. We are waiting to see what chemotherapy they are going to do , I’m just heartbroken as two months ago there was no sign of cancer and now it’s come back so quick , I really just wanted to someone to talk to and wondered if anyone else was or has been through this ?….

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    I can't help with any experience of bile duct cancer but I noticed your post hadn't had any response yet. Responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list where it'll be more easily spotted.


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  • Oh Pat. I am sorry to read of the disappointment and shock you and your hubby must be feeling.  He went through a tough resection procedure so successfully and then all that chemo that now you both must feel it is back to square one.

    By now another  regime might be in place or some kind of targeted therapy.  It sounds like your hubby is constitutionally quite fit so there is a likelihood of him responding well to future treatment.  I suspect it will be difficult for you to get your head round non curative care after being on a curative pathway til now.  This does not mean no treatment - rather containment and slowing down.

    I have no answers but offer you my best wishes for the months ahead. My husband went through this and looking back we became very close in our support for each other showing great love.  Hopefully you will both become calmer as you find out more and reach an acceptance.

     My advice would be to attend all consultations together and have a list of questions written down and a pen so you can tick them off as answers are discussed although you might be doing this already.  Find  out if there is a Maggies or Macmillan centre nearby offering support and get in touch.  Try and look after yourself as if you go under your husband will be worse off as he needs your care. Make sure your GP is in the loop and find out what support they can offer.  

     Again my best wishes to you both.


  • Hi Janey thank you for your response , big hugs Hugging, how long ago did your husband have it? So sorry to hear you went through this , it’s so hard trying to stay strong and positive for him when inside I’m heartbroken Broken heart, he has started his chemo on Friday just gone his on gemsis , first one is out of the way he was so nervous but he is a fighter I’m so proud of how brave he is his amazing. His next one is next FFingers crossedday fingers crossed Fingers crossed he will do ok , thank you for ur reply 

    best wishes

    rachel x