ampullary cancer

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Hi I am new on here and a bit lost as I have been told I have an Ampullary tumor they found whilst looking for a kidney stone. I have not seen any cancer specialists yet but the Consultant / Endoscopist said that he thought an operation to remove it would be difficult, so he wanted to see how it progressed. But he would advise the Cancer team. Has anyone any experience of this situation? I do not know where to start, but waiting to see seems not to be a good idea.

  • Hi 

    Welcome to the forum . What a shock you must have had . 
    I am from the bowel forum but some things share common ground . If you click on my user name you can read that my mum navigated a few tricky situations .

    I can only say we found great value in getting another set of clinical eyes on the situation at hand . It provided more insight and some clarity on the best way forward. Not always in the order we hoped but certainly more information was helpful .

    Our helping staff 0808 808 0000 would be happy to chat this through with you on how to progress with your consultations . 

    Take care and I hope you get the attention and treatment you need .


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  • Hi Court, thanks, I have read your mum's journey and it helps to realise there is good care available.

    Thanks again

  • Hi I have a question. Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the Cancer clinic. What questions should I ask? I will be grateful for any advice.