Husband having a Whipple procedure in 2 days time !

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My husband has been diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer in April . He’s about to have the Whipple Procedure this week . I’d love to hear from anyone in a similar position or who has been thru this ? We live in the UK. 
thank you so much x 

  • Hi There EllaRed, My Dad had the whipples procedure. He didn’t have any major complications other than hiccups for 9 days straight! Doctors had only ever seen it once before! The recovery depends on each individual patient . Luckily my Dad was quite fit . After surgery care was excellent and he felt good after about 2 weeks, went walking after 3 while still in hospital . 
    they have so many medications for every little thing so try not to worry. Wishing you both all the best and keep us posted xx

  • Wow . That sounds very positive! Thank you for replying x. Hope your dads doing ok now ? 

  • Hi Ella, Unfortunately my Dad passed away in March. He had his whipple in 2019.He was doing really well, back eating,working and swimming. He even got out windsurfing again.  His immune system was really weakened when he developed pneumonia in both lungs in 2020 and while in hospital being treated for it he contracted Covid so the cancer came back in June 2020. An unfortunate series of events really that just went against him. 

    There is actually a gentleman on this page who celebrated quite a few years out from Whipple surgery now. You will find his post in this section of the forum :) 

    Im not going to lie, the surgery took around 9 hours to complete. You will spend the day on your nerves waiting for a call but he will be in the best hands xx My Dad loved showing of his scar afterwards of course !

  • Dear E

    i hope the Whipple goes well. I’m praying for the same procedure for my mom. Did you wait long from diagnosis to surgery? Hope you are doing ok at this difficult time x

  • Hi 

    We got the diagnosis in April , he’s had the Whipple now last week. A little over 3 months . Do they think your mum is suitable for it ? My husband is on day 4. It’s a very hard journey but he’s doing ok. What do they think regarding your dear mum?

    E x

  • Dear E , so pleased your hubby is doing ok 4 days in. I’m keeping everything crossed for you. At present they think she is suitable by looking at ct scans and MRI MRCP. Not showing anything anywhere else. She goes in weds for a PTC a 2 day procedure (biopsy) and then a PET SCAN. All these things have been requested from the QE Hospital who will be taking on her care moving forward. It’s been  13 days since initl diagnosis. We just need to tick off the next two things before surgery . I’m praying Pray. Is this similar to the path you’ve traveled? Right now I feel like I’m in a nightmare. God bless you . Your hubby is in my prayers Sharon x ps. Mom is actually really well? No pain no jaundice. Eating all the right things and feeling hungry. 

  • Yes he had to go thru all these procedures . Then he developed pancreatitis which needed to subside before the operation . He’s had the mini Whipple . The surgeon is happy but I haven’t been allowed to see him due to Covid restrictions. I think it’s been an incredibly hard few days but he’s making good progress.

    My husband was also very well before the operation . This helps recovery !! So your mum will benefit from eating well prior to having her Surgery.  I’m hoping you will feel more confident soon and get a date x 

  • Dear E  so kind of you to respond when you are in the middle of all this.,I’m keeping everything crossed for you.,hope you see your husband very soon. Please keep in touch xx