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HI,, I today had news that my brother has bile duct cancer, i have not heard of this before today,,,, they only found it as he was not well, lost weight, and his sugar levels  very high, they found he is now a diabetic, and due to the CT scan found this cancer,,,

He is to have a PET SCAN  NEXT THURSDAY,  and they mention a operation, as by what i read then means a Laparoscopy ,, which he will then i think be told what stage or grade  he is at,,

I understand from what  his wife said, that he may have a operation to remove the bile duct  !!!!!!!!

No mention was said about chemo !!

Just trying to find out more about this,, they will be looking to see if it has spread they said,,,

Just worried and wanting to know more,, im just 2 yr since my oesophageal cancer, and not doing to bad,, and we just lost my sister in law from secondary liver cancer,,, and last year a cousin with ME,,, these both two diagnosied and died very quick,,,

Thanks for any info, or where to see any  more info, 

  • Hi 

    I'm sorry to read that your brother has recently been diagnosed with bile duct cancer as you and your family seem to have gone through so much already.

    I'm not a member of this group, so don't have any direct experience with this type of cancer, but I noticed that you hadn't had any responses so far. 

    I've found this information about bile duct cancer from Macmillan and hopefully it'll help you understand what treatment your brother might be offered.

    Wishing you and your whole family all the best.


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