Bile duct cancer

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer and secondary Liver Cancer

  • Hello Blacklily, 

    Sorry for your diagnosis, you can use this forum to ask questions or put down your feelings. My husband has this vile disease also secondary liver. , his is inoperative and he is having chemo at the moment and in palliative care.

    There is a website dedicated to bile duct cancer it is Ammf, it is a rare cancer, so you will see more people on that website with the condition  than on here, although there are people on here with it.

    Also just to say to you that people think inoperable and palliative care means the end, it doesn't, it means you are living with cancer and need extra help. There are people told they have 6onths and live for many years.

    Please contact your local Macmillan support as they can help you with extra benefits you made be entitled to. There offices are closed at the moment but there is still telephone support. 

    Best wishes Christine x


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