It’s all happening again

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I have never joined an online community before please be gentle!

First diagnosed in Spring 2016, Cholangiovarcinoma, very seriously ill for 4 months, major surgery Aug 2016, chemotherapy which finished in 2017, in observation mode since then because surgery failed to remove it all.

Bloods started to rise last summer without explanation & no radiological evidence of new disease.

Very significant rise in bloods 5 weeks ago led to urgent CT, PET & MRI scans. 

Saw my consultant yesterday who told me there is a new active lesion. 

She had arranged for chemo to start on April 1st, in the meantime she will consult with surgeon & radiotherapy about other possible options.

And quite simply I’m a mess! 

Added to this is CVirus! 

Feels like living in a horror film or a night mare.

Thank you for your time. 

  • Hi MSYoda

    Sorry you find yourself here, I cannot know how you feel because it is my husband that has this vile disease. His bloods were off the charts last July but it was end of January when he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma with secondaries and liver and lymph glands, inoperable with 6 months predicted, hoping chemo will extend this. I did tell a friend yesterday that I feel like I am in a horror movie, because my 16 year old grand daughter has cancer l, although in remission at the moment but with problems, then my husband and now the virus so yes it is like being part of a horror movie. All I can do is offer you a virtual hug, send some love and light thoughts your way. Xxx 


    The last item out of Pandora's box was HOPE
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    thank you for your reply.

    your situation with your husband & granddaughter is heartbreaking.

    im sending you positive thoughts by the bucketloads & virtual hugs. 

    stay strong 

    sue xx