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Hey everyone 

New here. My mum has been diagnosed with spinal and liver mets as well as possible primary of bile duct. 

She doesn't want to know her prognosis or any further information but I'm finding this hard. I live far away and try to visit as much as possible. 

What's everyone's experiences on these types of cancers. Are they usually easily treated or am I looking at short life span for her?

Without knowing I feel I can't plan for her or do I need to be visiting much more often. I feel I need to know the likley outcome in order to support her best. 


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    Hi Lottie2193

    Very sorry to hear about your mum, my father has the exact same diagnosis.

    He was diagnosed at the end of August, his only symptoms so far have been a sciatica type pain in his leg and an ache in his lower back, caused by one of the mets in his spine. He has had 5 doses of radio therapy on his spine and has had 2 cycles (out of 4) of GemCis chemo. He has been fine throughout his treatment so far, just very tired. Apparently we won't find out if it's working until the chemo has finished and he has a scan. What are your mum's symptoms? 

    I know how you feel about planning for the future, it's so hard because it's all so uncertain. I have found the doctors are very reluctant to commit to any kind of time frame, so basically everything else seems to have to go on hold. 

    My dad was my mum's carer, she had dementia, and now they are both living with me. They have been here for 4 months, I have had to stop working because there have been so many appointments which they can't attend alone.

    I wish you and your mum well and hope you are both able to get some certainty for your journey ahead.