Discomfort in abdomen three months after liver resection/ bile duct resection.

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Hi...I was diagnosed with intrahepatic bile duct cancer i. September last year...I had surgery a liver resection and bile duct resection. Presently having Adjuvant Chemotherapy.

Since my surgery I ve had constant discomfort in my abdomen...feel very heavy...

Has anyone else felt the same?

  • Hello, I too had bile duct cancer and liver resection surgery in July last year.  Six months on I am still experiencing varying abdominal pains, which feels like muscle strain with a specific area feeling 'tight and knotted'.  My surgeon thinks it is nerve pain. I am currently looking into methods of pain control e.g. acupuncture or treatment via a physiotherapist.  Both of which would be private so there is a cost involved.  Does anyone have experience in these or other alternative treatments that are available.  Thank you. Jean