Getting a chesty cough just before starting chemo

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My husband is due to start chemo tomorrow morning (FOLFOX), he started getting a runny nose about 7 days ago and has had a chesty cough for the past 4 days. I was hoping it would be over before he was due to start chemo but it’s still lingering. What should we do? He seems ok, not exhausted or feverish but his cough sounds very chesty, like something that’s hangs around for a little while. Do you think he’s ok to start chemo? He had bloods done yesterday and his team haven’t flagged any of the results up.

  • Hi Zoe123 welcome to the forum. I would be tempted to give the chemo team a call if at all possible and ask for some advice re this cough. Apart from anything else it is not going to be very pleasant for hubby when he is so chesty and coughing. 


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    1. Hi Gail,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I didn’t get much sleep last night thinking about it but ended up telling his nurse when we got there this morning who advised delaying slightly which I’m quite relieved about actually. Got his PICC line in first thing so ready to go as soon as he’s got rid of this cough! It all gets very overwhelming when you count down the days and see all the appointments and blood tests arranged for the next 3+ months, feels like you’re going to mess it all up by having to move things about.

    Have you had/having this type of Chemo? It’s already so much more intense than the trial he was on for a year, he only had to go in once a month to collect tablets and take them at home each day. Feel as though hospital visits are taking over our lives once more.