Stage 4 bile duct jaundice advanced

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Hi all

my Nan has been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma after ongoing investigations since November, very poorly managed at my hospital and have a PALs complaint in place due to this.

Basically cannot have chemo as bloods show liver failure and she is jaundice and horrendously lost weight and frail. She is unable to be stented due to the tumours and technicality of procedure is too tricky and therefore she is also not fit for chemo. So it’s palliative care and MacMillan nurses and going down the end of life route.

wondered if anyone has any experience or knowledge. Think we are looking at weeks rather than months as she is yellow and just worsening and how long realistically can she survive with a failing liver?

wish I knew how long we had.

any support welcome as very alone and despondent

l x 

  • Hello

    I really feel for you in this sad situation. The only piece of advice I can probably give you is that you need to make an appointment with your Nan‘s consultant and get some direct answers to the questions you have and the things that worry you for example, how long has she got? 
    Be strong, thoughts are with you

  • Yes we have done this today 

    they said more weeks than months but just feels woolly still

    Been referred to hospice at home and local macmillan