Bile duct cancer New pallative diagnosis

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my Mum has been in hospital over the last several weeks investigating a mass in her liver and bile duct region which they now believe is cancer following scans and suspicious 'inconclusive' biopsy results from drained fluid (ascites). 

The mass is blocking her bile duct which we were being told they were going to put a stent in to help the bile flow again which has now been cancelled as the consultant has said she needs to go on palliative care and there is nothing they can do to treat her.

Feeling very frustrated and like we have been given false hope by the medical team leading up to this

Has anyone had an experience similar to this and asked for a second opinion from their medical team?

  • I’m so sorry to hear of the problems you’re having regarding your mom’s care. Have the medical team clearly explained to you why a stent would not be effective, even though they suggested it in the first place? 

    Mt dad was told he would be on palliative care due to his age (95) and the fact they didn’t think invasive, or chemical, treatment would be suitable. Is this the case with your mom? 

    it’s an awful situation to be in but you must ask lots of questions and get a very clear picture of your mom’s condition and the prognosis . 

    in our situation we found it much easier to cope and deal with it once we had all the information at our fingertips. Sometimes you need to be  relentless in gaining the appropriate information. 

    i wish you all the best amd sending a virtual hug x

  • We sadly lost my lovely amazing strong Mum on Sunday evening

    We are heartbroken, I was arranging to gather more information and advocate for her on Monday but sadly that was not meant to be

    She put up such a fight, as did my Dad and I am so proud of them both

  • Thank you I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad 

    Sending virtual hugs to you 

  • Violet, I have just joined this forum for support as my mum has bile duct cancer. I just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear about your mum. Sending you lots of love x 

  • My mum sadly passed away on January 2nd.  It sounds a similar situation to yours.  Procedures kept getting put off or going wrong.  I feel she was very let down by the hospital.  I had a second opinion booked with Professor Bridgewater for the day she passed away.  Keep pushing the medical team and try to get a second opinion asap.  Best wishes to you and your mum x

  • Hi

    Sadly my mum passed away this morning. I also feel very let down by the hospital. My poor mum battled to the end.i really wish I could turn back time with the treatment.

    I am heartbroken. Sending you lots of love.


  • in answer to Violet did you have a Macmillan nurse you could speak to? You should have been assigned someone. You be able to have everything explained to you.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your mum VPC Sending Virtual hugs We also sadly lost our Mum on the Sunday 7th Jan I was arranging to see her key nurse on the Monday


  • I am so sorry to hear about your mum Debbie Sending hugs to you  xx 

  • Thank you for your reply jessie we didn't have a macmillan nurse assigned,  sadly we lost our mum a few days later xx