Horrendous treatment

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My mum got a call at 7.15pm Friday night to say her bloods were in and they weren’t good. Firstly asked if mum had company and when she said yes my daughters her she replied “which one?” My mum lost her other daughter to MS years ago so not exactly the best start. She then said “ mum was going like a train  downhill and getting out of control, her plumbing wasn’t working and her healthy liver was getting less and less. It was now time to ask mum where she wanted to be as she only had a few weeks left”. When I asked for some time to digest her reply”no I’m finishing shortly”

all weekend we have been worried sick, unable to talk to anyone, mum has withdrawn herself and my brother has travelled up from York to be here. 

total disrespect and totally unacceptable that this conversation actually happened but this woman must be removed from her title as macmillian nurse as she has no empathy what’s so ever .

please share any bad experiences with this hospital please to prevent this from happening to anyone else 

  • Hi Samot welcome to the forum and sorry that you have not had a reply as yet. I had to re read your post several times and each time I got more annoyed at how you have been treated, that is shocking behaviour and a very poor way to convey such news especially on a Friday night when no one was available for you to talk with.

    Did this lady actually say that she was a Macmillan Nurse? My main reason for asking is that I have  never ever heard of any Macmillan Nurse behaving in that way so Im just checking that out with you and I hope that you dont mind me doing that? The language they have chosen to use as well seems very strange and not what you would expect either.

    Do you have the number for the Hospital at all as it may be worth giving  them a call and conveying all that to them if you haven't already done so, so that they can investigate what has happened? I cant think that they will think that this is ok either.  I do hope that you and your family are ok and I am so very sorry for that poor experience for you all, it is hard enough without that type of behaviour.

    If you need any information or help then just give the Macmillan Line a call.08088080000. 


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  • Hi yes she had gave us a card at the hospital with their names  and the title macmillian upper gastrointestinal nurses

    thank you for reading the post