Finished the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Tablets

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I just wanted to say that I finished the treatment yesterday , wow what a journey it has been. Trying to rest as much as possible as it’s been exhausting, everyday getting to the hospital and back . I am so pleased that I managed to drive for 25 days though .

Main side effects fatigue and pain/ soreness  is really bad and my bowel movements excruciating, I have all the creams and dressings , feel rather uncomfortable when use the dressing. I am trying to avoid anything stronger that co-codamol/ instagel as I don’t tolerate them very well. Making full use of the stiz bath . 

I have been greatly helped reading the experiences others have had and am praying next couple weeks will see improvement in the skin conditions.

4-6 weeks to wait for the follow up appointment, then the pet ct and mri scans due in 3 months . I am trying to just take one day at a time and find comfort reading your success posts.

Thank you 

  • Aww well done it is hard but you have done it.  

  • Hi 

    congratulations on completing the course of treatment, I am just about to start mine in the next couple of weeks.

    can I ask you a question please?

    did you have any hair problems? With the chemo tablets? I think this is one thing I’m worried about 

  • Hi , 

    i have 3 sessions left of chemo tabs , radiotherapy . 
    I bought a wig pre treatment and although a few hairs have come onto my brush , I haven’t needed to wear it .. for me it’s been more digestive problems with the chemo and bowel / bladder with the radiotherapy ..

    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hello
    Thank you, I wish you all the very best for your treatment. I didn’t have any hair problems with the chemotherapy tablets , my consultant advised it wasn’t usually a side effect , maybe there could be a little thinning but my hair has been fine 

    Take care .

  • Congrats, Minty, and I'm REELING that you drove yourself for that long!

    Rest, rest and comfort everywhere! 



  • AsLu I didn't start losing my hair until about 2 months into recovery. I had infused chemo.


  • Thank you Suz

    I just wanted to drive so I didn't want to have to arrange lifts from family and friends as my husband doesn't drive. My mantra was "If I can I will , when I can't I won't " so glad to be finished and able to rest and recover.  Xx

  • Good luck with your last 3 sessions Chrissie , wishing you well and a good recovery too. X

  • Thank you so much x

  • Wow - just wow - your poor bottom!  I am trying to imagine driving at the end of treatment and I can't.  But isn't it a huge relief that it is all over?  No more daily trips to the hospital, now you just need to lie back and recover, and you will.  Just be very kind to yourself, have lots of rest and concentrate on getting through the next couple of weeks.

    Sending gentle healing good wishes

    Irene xx