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4.5 weeks after biopsy and so many scans I am so grateful I did the 60+ poo test as it’s picked up t2 anal squamous cancer.  No idea of treatment yet except not surgery and last scan was Pet to check liver and lungs for suspicious dots?  Based in SEKent working and avoiding telling too many people as it’s hard work keep getting the questions! Once I know my treatment plan I will open up - mainly to help others know checks are essential and don’t suffer alone - also so glad I joined this group as we all can support each other Thumbsup 

  • Hi  & welcome to our little corner of the MacMillan Online Community although I’m so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. 

    We’ve all been where you are now & it’s really not easy is it? The worry & anxiety surrounding diagnosis & all of the tests that go on following that is huge but rest assured once you have a treatment plan in place you’ll hopefully begin to feel a little more settled. Also remember this is your journey & there’s nothing to say that if you’d prefer to deal with it quietly & privately then that’s the way you should do it, I went through my diagnosis, surgery & chemoradiotherapy with only a handful of people knowing including my closest family members & a couple of my closest friends, I was off work but only my manager & a couple of others knew why. I deal with things better this way & it was only a couple of years ago that I began opening up to what I’d been through & I'm now 6 years post treatment. Having said that this forum was my saving grace & I spoke at length to others on here that had been through a similar diagnosis to myself gaining many tips on going through the treatment etc. 

    Hoping your PET results are back quickly & they bring good news then you can start treatment & get back to living your life. Please don’t hesitate if you’ve any questions at all, we’ve a wealth of personal experience between us with this particular diagnosis & are happy to share. 


  • Hi Angie , 

    you have come to the right place ..

    im in week 3 of treatment , still learning and feel very close to the strangers who are with me on the journey 

    .take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hello Angie SE

    I am so sorry you had the need to find us but welcome to a group of people who know only too well what it is all about.  Nearly everyone on here has been through the treatment and once you know your plan we have lots of tips we can share.

    In the early days I didn't even want my daughters to know, my overwhelming feeling was to protect them and keep everything to myself.  I quickly learned that having them by my side, along with my husband, helped me enormously.  I remember the questions well; in fact I remarked some time ago that people I barely knew thought nothing of asking me the most personal questions.  'I don't know' and 'I am taking each day as it comes' were my stock answers.

    A lot is going on behind the scenes at the hospital and when all the information is gathered they will devise a treatment plan tailored for you.  Good luck with your scans, and we are always here to provide a listening ear should you need it.

    Big hug

    Irene xx

  • Hi Angie, and a warm welcome to the club nobody wants to join. This group is the best support I've found anywhere, and I'm so grateful to have it.

    Keep us posted on those dots!



  • Hi Angie, 

    You and me are in a similar position, mine is a squamous cancer T2 as well, I’ve also had my PET CT scan, I’ve not had any results back yet, I have a hospital appointment this coming Monday so will find out more then. Hoping to get my treatment plan then, although I’m not sure this will happen. 

    it’s nice to be in this forum with people who have been through this treatment, and with people who are starting it as well, wishing you all the very best. 

    Best Wishes, Adele. (Coco70) 

  • Thank you so much!  I really feel conflicted emotions wise but hugely grateful and positive and scared at the same time so this group is such a massive find!  Your and others experience is so helpful to hear about and help prepare xxx

  • Hi - grateful for finding this group too x 

  • Had the best phone call yesterday saying the tumor is just in one place! Consultant allocated and nurse known now - another week for the last team meeting then I can meet the medical team and learn of my plan.    It’s daunting but feels exciting to get it dealt with! 

  • Hi Angie, I am like you but a month further along in the retched process, I've just stared Chemo radiotherapy, I'm on day 4 so early days, the tests & scans are so stressful but you do feel more in control when you get your treatment plan, I also live in Kent! 

  • That’s brilliant news Angie to know that there is just the one tumour, hopefully not long now before your treatment starts. Xx