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Hi  My name is Gill8 and recently diagnosed with anal SCC had all the scans etc; biopsies and been told it’s T2 N1 M0, affecting the immediate lymph nodes so starting chemo/radiotherapy at the end of this month for 5.5 weeks and I am terrified with the expectation of the pain I will experience going through radiotherapy from what I have read so far. I know I have no choice but it’s daunting and emotional right now, knowing what is ahead.
Have seen some really good suggestions and tips from those that have already experienced this and hope to gain more insight/advise/guidance and support through this community. Thanks in advance x

  • The  radiotherapy doesn’t hurt you have to lay still and it takes about 10mins.  You have to have a full bladder so it’s like a watering hole in the waiting room, everyone topping themselves up to gButterfly the balance right.  After a few weeks my skin  reacted was red and blistered but the radiographer s talk you through what helps.  My pain and bleeding stopped after a time and it was a relief but oButterflye the treatment stopped I did get a few after affects,  that were a bit unpleasant. Having to go to the loo quickly and wasn’t very in controll ,  it’s eased up a lot now.

  • Hi Gill, I too am starting treatment on 22/4 so totally understand how you’re feeling at the minute Frowning2️ my tumour was T2 N0 M0 so very similar to you. The possible side effects do sound terrifying but we will get through it. I’m just trying to prepare myself as much as I can n people in here have given some really great advice. I’m trying to stay positive that it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining Fingers crossedFingers crossed Good luck to you Hunni RelaxedRelaxed

  • Hello Gill8

    I am sorry you have had to find yourself here, but you are amongst people who have all been through the treatment that you are going to have and a lot are still here to tell the tale and offer support and coping tips should you need them.

    The very early days are terrifying, (they certainly were for me) and I think you have summed it up by describing your expectation.  The important thing to remember is that side effects don't all come at once, it is a very gradual thing, and the team treating you will be looking after you with painkillers and creams should you need them - and not everyone does.  And as it has been pointed out, the actual radiotherapy treatments are over in minutes and don't hurt in the least.  I knew every clunk of the machine as it rotated and could time how long the sessions had to go.  In the grand scheme of things the period spent having this treatment is a very short time in your life to be free of this curse, it really does pass very quickly.  We all counted the days until the end, and although the side effects continue for a few weeks afterwards, there is an enormous sense of relief that it is all over and there are no more visits to the hospital.  Then you can really concentrate on rest (lots of it) and healing.

    Sending a big hug.

    Irene xx

  • Thanks for that information, it’s useful to know what to expect regarding full bladder etc, and glad that although you experienced some issues after the treatment they are easing up now for you. Much appreciate, take care .

  • Hi Easter2024, Nice to know that I’m not alone and although I dont know you, I am feeling your positivity and your right we will get through this and there is life after this hopefully for all of us going through this. 
    Your right in that we need to try and prepare ourselves physically and mentally and having the support of friends, family and those on here that have come out the other end will help us get through this. Thanks again and good luck to u to x

  • Thank Irene, So good to hear your experiences with this treatment and for putting it into perspective which will make it easier to handle and your right I bet it’s an enormous relief once it’s all over. I’ll keep that thought in mind. Thank you much appreciated x

  • I'm the same as you Easter2024, starting my chemoradiotherapy on 22nd April

  • Very scary I know Georgie Heart️ off for blood tests n pre assessment for Picc line this morning. This is being put in on Friday ready for first lot of chemo next Monday. Just want to get on with it now although I’m very anxious Flushedwish I could be calmer Flushed

  • Ditto !!  PICC line going in on Friday too, bloods being taken in the morning.  It feels nice that someone is on the same timeline as me.  Good luck this morning