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Hi, first post here! About to start treatment on 22/4 for my cancer, 5 1/2 weeks Chemoradiotherapy Frowning2️ I’ve read about using Strata gel for the sore skin, would those that used it recommend? And can I ask do you put it actually on your anus and all around?? Sorry didn’t know how else to put it! The possible side effects are totally freaking me out at the minute, any tips n advice to prepare greatly appreciated Slight smile

  • Hi , 

    im about to start treatment this month , haven’t got my plan yet , very scared and in slot of pain .. hoping there are guidelines for pain relief and sore bums !!! 
    Hope all goes well 

    chrissie xx

  • Hi chrissie, I’m with you, it’s all very scary n so much to take in. One day at a time is all I keep telling myself. Good luck to you too n hope you get your plan soon xx

  • When you go for your initial appointments, the staff will give you all the creams and stuff you need, if they don't then ask about it.

    The only thing I bought was called a HappyPo, which looks slightly like a big toothbrush, except it has a water tank and a spray. It doesn't need batteries, you just squeeze it. You take the top off, fill with warm water and then you can squirt or trickle lovely soothing water over your bottom once you've been, and pat dry. It's a lot gentler than scraping with loo paper or wipes. I am 2 and a bit years post treatment and I still use it. Creams etc were all provided by radiotherapy team, so I'm sure they will do the same for you with whatever they feel suits you best. But yes, you do put the cream all around your anus, it is very soothing and gentle. 

  • Thanks for your reply, that sounds like a good gadget! I’ll ask the team at my first appointment then Slight smile

  •  I had exactly the same treatment finished in the 5th Jan this year, the cream they give does help also was told to use E45 cream on the lower parts as well.  You will notice a difference in the paiButterflyafter a while,  was able to sit down without pain which was a relief and bleeding stopped quite quickly.  Did suffer with radiology burns when I finished treatment.  NOw it’s the waiting game to seeButterflyf the treatment has worked.Butterfly

  • Hi Easter2024 so sorry you are another unfortunate member of this club we wish we weren't part of.

    The treatment time does go really surprisingly quickly once you start. I finished chemoradiotherapy on 02/02. I would suggest using the creams regularly from day 1 all around your nether regions. I found first few weeks I had few side effects. I would recommend asking your nurses for Cavilon wipes (they are big-  I cut them into smaller strips to use) I found them good for wiping as even sensitive wet wipes were too harsh at times..

    Also a sitz bath for bathing with tea tree oil (which my nurses also gave me) and also I used it at times filled with warm water to actually help ease pain when going to toilet, pooping into it, right now that probably sounds awful to you but another lady here recommended it and i found it helped me too. Easy to clean and disinfect.

    You quickly aren't so embarrassed about these things once you are on here and read other people's messages, queries,   replies etc!

    Hoping your treatment goes smoothly for you.


  • Hi  Shush1953, I'm nervously awaiting MRI scan like you probably are. I finished treatment 02/02 & got date through for it last week,  I literally cannot think of anything else 24/7, it's driving me crazy.  Were you given much info at your initial  follow up as to what happens after scan or if it might be a further 3 months again before a decision is made as to whether treatment has been successful? I'm really struggling to stay positive. 


  • Thanks so much for you reply. I really hope you get good news soon, how much longer until you hear?

  • Hi Easter 24, 

    From day 1 of Treatment I bathed in Epsom salts  the one for psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin, I used E45 to wipe myself with after the toilet and used Cavilon cream after, after a couple of weeks I was very itchy down there I thought it was thrush this is  one of the side effects I used antihistamines for the itching and work well, I had no sores but my skin did peel but not sore. 

    I hope you go through your journey without any side effects 

    Laura x x

  • Thankyou so much for these tips. I’m trying to get prepared with things that can help Blush