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Well good news this morning as I received my results from the smear I had at my hospital last week. No sign of HPV so they have said as I am over 65 I will not be recalled to have anymore. But I think the first sign of anything I am not happy about I will be contacting them whatever age I am. Very relieved and to be honest surprised and I don’t know why!  Feeling very blessed at the moment and fairly normal apart from a couple of things. 

  • That's wonderful news Julie, long may your blessings continue!  But yes, I completely agree, follow up anything that seem out of sorts.  I do and I am always seen promptly.

    And it feels like spring today - always lifts the mood!

    Irene xx

  • Some good news  ! 

    I am trying to get myself OFF the recall register at 62 because I physically cannot have a smear! Hopefully I won’t get any more letters (had 3 in the last year because I haven’t attended) but I have asked where they expect to put the speculum given I’ve had my vagina removed! Joy I say you should immediately get any symptoms checked if they occur because a smear test is only testing for hpv, and if that’s negative, then nothing  else is done. Hopefully everything is fine, and all is good! 

    Sarah xx

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  • That’s great news  , I think I’ll probably squeeze one more in, I had one last year & I’m 59 in April, hopefully there won’t be a need but I totally agree any hint of anything you’re not 100% happy about contact them. Congratulations again. 


  • Oh dear Sarah where would they put it exactly!  I am relieved and I am still having scans so fingers crossed if any problems crop up they will show. 

  • Thank you Nicola x

  • I haven't had a smear since my cancer diagnosis in 2022. I turn 65 in a bit so I wonder if I'll need more?

    Like you, though, I'm going in if I've got worries.

    So glad for you, Julie.



  • Hi Suz ( ),

    Was I up to date with my smears was one of the first things my surgeon asked me on my very first appointment with him & I had actually had a reminder just before my diagnosis so he said to get that done before my surgery, I think it’s probably due to the correlation between HPV & cervical and anal cancers, the hospital I was treated at don’t test biopsies for HPV as they said it doesn’t alter the course of treatments offered so I still don’t know if my cancer was HPV related! I know here in the UK we stop being invited for smears at the age of 65 but at my last one last year my nurse said I could request them independently after that if I wanted to continue, how does it work in the US? Do you get called in by your Dr every so often or do have to request them? 


  • I was 62 when I got diagnosed and my doctor was a little surprised to get the request to do a PAP. Most women here quit at 65 but I've never (as far as I know) been tested for HPV so I'm going to request to have a PAP/HPV test every couple of years. 


  • I think here n the UK our smear tests are routinely tested for HPV. I agree Suz it would be wise to request them if they’re not routinely offered if only for your peace of mind.