Picc and treatment dates

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Hi everyone, just had a call from the hospital, been given a date for having my picc fitted, 16/10 and then starting treatment on 23/10

Cant lie, im a little apprehensive but we keep moving forward 

  • Happy forager, we are always here, and virtually each and every one of us have experience of this, so anything we can help with, shout out.

    Irene x

  • Bless, thank you so much, i have got good friends and others around me but they can only understand so much, im here now and i am truly glad, im just gutted i didnt come across these forums sooner

  • We understand everything, believe you me!!! xx

  • I didn't find my way here until I was finished with trreatment and coping with the recovery period, Forager! You've got me beat!

    You're gonna beat this cancer too.



  • That’s good news  , it’s only natural that you’re feeling apprehensive we all understand that feeling here as I’m sure most if not all of us felt the same way, I know I certainly did! I think a lot of it for me was fear of the unknown, once I got the first couple of days out of the way it all became very routine very quickly & I began to relax a bit, my radiotherapy appointments were usually around about the same time each day which made things much easier. These next couple of weeks will fly by, just try & keep yourself busy. 


  • Thank you, im definitely up for the battle 

  • Hi nicola, ive had a letter come yesterday for my pre picc appt with the nurse on weds i think it is, although they have got weds as the 6th on the letter so i am going to give them a call in the morning just to double check, i missed my 1st scan because they sent it to an address from 2017! I have had to keep chasing a lot up along this journey, they haven't made it easy for me at all, but, i keep saying it, we keep moving forward 

  • I've also had all sorts of appointment issues that I've had to chase up myself. Hopefully it's all in place now for next Monday. Ever onward.

  • Like it’s not bad enough receiving a cancer diagnosis but having to chase things up really is the last thing you need! Silly mistakes such as incorrect addresses & sending out wrong dates just shouldn’t be happening it really is incompetence at its absolute finest!! I hope it’s a little more straightforward for you from here on in. 


  • Not just me then. I agree everything else has been amazing. This lets the whole thing down.