Awaiting biopsy results

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Good afternoon guys. 

I am new here and I must apologise as not sure what type of cancer I may or may not have.

After a rectal examination under general anasthetic the colorectal doctor was very blunt saying in his experience I did have bowel cancer although the growth was very close to my prostate so he couldn't rule out a prostate cancer.

I have had a CT scan four days on from rectal examination and am waiting on an mri scan too. 

I am so unbelievably scared. I have my Dad and my friends who are full of encouraging words the most saying that at this stage we are all uncertain of the diagnosis. 

Whatever it is is affecting my ability to pass stools and it is also affecting the passing of urine both of which I find painful. There has been discharge and blood for a number of weeks. 

It's all so overwhelming, however I'm so happy that I have found this community of people all going through or having gone through similar fears worries and concerns

To be quite honest at the moment I just want to sleep and stay in bed. I control the pain with nurofen as the anal blood has somewhat subsided 

I will keep updating as I progress through this time

I just have to remain hopeful for better times ahead 



  • Hi Paddybud I’m sorry to read this news you have received I totally understand how you are feeling I remember just how it feels, I was in the same boat April 2022 and you are in the right place, trust me when I say there are some really kind and supportive lovely people on here!! I definitely could not have got through all my tests WAITING TIMES results ops treatment without these guys!!! Call the support line I used it too and she was lovely!! Please don’t feel the need to apologize they’s so many uncertainties along the way hopefully you’ll find out soon and I hope it’s not too bad. I think everyone hates the waiting try and keep busy easier said than done I know. It’s awful that he was so blunt with the information I was very lucky and had extremely top caring professionals at the hospital hopefully you won’t see him again and you’ll come across brilliant staff. Have you been given a stool softer maybe that could help till more information is found. It took me a while to get used to it but taking about bottoms poo anal bowel toilet etc is normal on here and at hospital you’ll get less and less embarrassed lol. I’m still using my cosmoCol think I’ll be on it for a very long time. I slept a lot pre and post treatment too, do what’s right for you, I think most people do from what I’ve read on here also maybe you need stronger pain relief you could ask your GP I wish I had started stronger pain relief sooner. You’ll get a lot of great advice and information or links from people on here when they pop on. Take care Paddybun and I’ll keep a look out for your updates x 

  • Hi GreenNanny. Thank you so much for your reply and kind and supportive words. I get the feeling o will be dealing with the colorectal doctor again. He did apologise for his brutal honesty. I am taking laxido to help with passing stools and it has been successful this afternoon though it is still painful! I'm trying my hardest to not over think things and to try and know that there is a wonderful team of.people who will help me as and when.

    I am hopeful you are now on the way to recovery? 

    So many thanks again. Have a lovely evening


  • Hi  ,

    Firstly welcome to the Macmillan online community although I’m really sorry that you’ve had the need to find us. 

    The shock & trauma that a cancer diagnosis brings along with it is devastating, it’s a feeling that you just can’t describe to anyone that hasn’t been through it.

    It’s good that you’ve had your CT scan & that you’ll soon be getting your MRI then your team should have all the information they need to give you a firm diagnosis. Regardless of your diagnosis you’ll find a group on the online community where there’ll be others with a similar diagnosis, so now you’ve found us you should never feel alone in what you’re going through. 

    I see you’re already taking Laxido to help with going to the loo which would have been my suggestion. 

    I was diagnosed with anal cancer in February 2018 & have just completed my 5 years surveillance this summer & am now classed as officially cancer free. 

    Please keep us updated on how things are going, we’re here to support you however we can. 


  • Hi Nikki65

    So lovely of you to send your message. 

     So pleased that you are now officially cancer free.  I'm just living day by day. I am finding it so hard not to think about it. I am keeping hopeful that I will beat it whatever it turns out to be. 

    I so want to envisage a life beyond this. I know I have a good team that are right there about to support me any way they can. 

    I have to take my Dad to an appointment today for his eye operation so that will help me to help someone else. 

    I managed to get myself out of bed today early so that's a good thing

    All the very best to you

  • Paddybud, my heart goes out to you, I remember only too well the early days, the whirlwind of appointments, scans and investigations and all the time 'I have cancer' was like a gong going constantly in my head.  It is utterly terrifying.  But (and it won't seem like it right now) the team are on to it, all the information from the all the procedures you have had done is discussed and a treatment plan will be drawn up.  Once that is in place you will feel a lot more in control of what is happening to you.  I am sorry that you are suffering pain and if Nurofen isn't relieving it please ask for something stronger. 

    I am pleased that you have supportive friends and family and we are always here to offer support too.  Please let us know how you get on.

    Huge hug

    Irene xx

  • Hi again  at the stage you’re at it really does completely consume your every waking moment doesn’t it? Once you have a firm diagnosis & a treatment plan in place like Irene has said you’ll begin to feel a little more in control again. The best advice I could give at this stage is as difficult as it is to concentrate on anything other than what’s going on with your health try & keep yourself busy. Try & make use of your support system, try & do stuff with family & friends anything that will distract you a little & make the time pass quicker, with each day that passes you’re a day closer to getting this sorted. 


  • Hi Nicola. You have wise words and yes uts best to try and focus on other things today being that I am at another hospital and am waiting dear Dad to come out fr an.eye operation. 

    Had a phone call this morning and I have an MRI scan tomorrow at 12 noon which another.step.further on. 

    I hope my doctor can prescribe something.stronger than nurofen as they are wearing off already! 

    May you now be able to finally move on into a wonderful future


  • Good afternoon Irene. 

    Thank you so very much for replying to my online message. 

    Yes things are going at a pace and I am so grateful for that only this morning I have had a call that my MRI scan is tomorrow at mid day. 

    That saying I never thought it would happen to me is so cliche but so true.

    Of course the team are doing all they can with the information they are collecting on me. I just think to myself there is a rogue inside me and I want it gone now!

    The fear of it spreading is hard not to think about but my consultant said nothing much if anything will happen on that score in a few weeks.

    My short term plan is to attend what I have to and sleep.

    Hugs x Paddybud

  • Hiya… I was diagnosed with anal cancer in January this year after going to GP with what I thought was a stubborn pile! 8 months later I’ve finished chemoradiotherapy treatment and had my 3 month pot treatment scan to say it’s worked! Cancer gone Raised hands Still a way to go with recovery and no doubt years of future scans but for now at least no surgery required. 
    it’s still very fresh in my mind where you are now and it’s all very frightening and a walk into the unknown. 
    sleep if you need to doesn’t matter when! Get adequate pain relief early… I got morphine and other options from my GP they let me guide them on how much I needed… if it’s not enough tell them! Good luck and positive vibes for your journey ahead xx

  • That’s great that your MRI appointment has come through & even better that it’s tomorrow hopefully this will be the beginning of things getting moving.

    If you’re finding your current pain relief regime isn’t working put a call in to your colorectal surgeon (you’ll probably have to go through his/her secretary) or your GP & state that the pain relief you’re on isn’t cutting it, there are so many options out there, just be aware if they put you on any of the opiate based painkillers such as anything containing morphine or codeine you may need to up the Laxido as opiates slow everything down including the bowel & you don’t want any issues with constipation. I got through surgery, treatment & recovery alternating paracetamol & ibuprofen 2 hourly with lansoprazole to protect my stomach as I couldn’t take any of the opiates but there are other options out there.