Loose Bowels

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Hope everything is going well for you all, Chrissie how’s your journey today?

I’m now 26 days since final radiotherapy session and still struggling with bowel issues. I honestly don’t think the laxido agrees with me as was on 1 sachet a day and three days in the very loose stools began and although I stopped the laxido on Saturday I’m really struggling with them . Can’t seem to find a happy medium, am needing something to firm things up but don’t want to get constipated again as that really is painful. 
I realise the bowel is inflamed due to the treatment but it is getting me down as at a loss with what is the best way forward.

I am slowly realising how difficult this treatment has been on the things we take for granted.  On a plus note I manged a 45 minute walk yesterday and today a quick trip to Waitrose in the car so some progress.

thanks for listening 
M x

  • Hello Minty, sorry you are struggling with the loose bowel saga. Your gut has been through loads of trauma and it can take ages to sort itself out. I’m three years post treatment and still can have flare ups all down to diet. I am now lacto intolerant and early post days I was put on a FODMAP diet which rapidly improved things but yes the dread of being constipated was a constant worry. Sugar I found a big no no. I cannot eat too much wheat now and no chocolate, cake, biscuits, alcohol and too much cheese. i now have introduced a more varied diet but stick to light meals and healthy as possible. If I don’t think I have eaten enough for healthy bowels then I take a small teaspoon of black strap molasses in a glass of warm water before bed. It worked for me and gave me a wonderful sleep. It’s full of potassium. Or would take a pysllium husk tablet with plenty of water. I also only drink decaf coffee and would love to come off that but it’s very hard and my only vice (I’m admitting too). Watch what you eat and keep a diary of what you think might be triggers.


  • Thank you Julie

    i only have decaff too and don’t drink alcohol. Good idea to keep a diary , I’ll do that thanks.

    I know it’s early days , remain hopeful things will improve, made your of the loperamide today too. 

    M x

  • Wow, a 45 minute walk this soon after treatment is pretty dang impressive!

    The constipation/runs seesaw is the worst. I tried to avoid Immodium but sometimes the lava pouring out of me was too much and I had to. But yeah, constipation is the ultimate Thing To Be Avoided.

    Gentle stuff like toast, yogurt, Ensure and rice got me through. There were some days I ate nothing but rice with a little butter.

    Julie's Molasses Solution is my go-to when I haven't eaten well and am worried about getting constipated. So much gentler than laxatives and has worked like a charm for me.

    You're doing great, Minty. Keep it up!



  • Thank you Suz, means a lot when fellow suffers can offer support. 

    Spoke to my cancer support nurse today , she advised to get more insoluble foods , said if persists after diet changes will re visit. I’ll go back to the white rice / pasta too. 

    Hope will see my oncologist in the next two weeks for the check up, seems ages to the scans still but am really trying to keep positive. 
    hugs right back to you M x

  • Hi Minty , 

    you are doing so well , a long walk and a trip

    to Waitrose … I think the bowel issue can last a while ? 
    I am on day 21 post treatment .. bum still swollen ( not as painful when going to the loo though  ) skin around the coccyx peeling and although appetite better , can’t put the weight back on !!! I have taken the car out a couple of times , been in the pub and short walks .. 

    I never realised it would take so long to recover and although  I’m taking small steps , still feel slightly vulnerable … 

    Good days , not so good days

    Take care 

    Chrissie xx 

  • Thanks Chrissie 

    I was absolutely shattered after the activities. The fatigue is totally debilitating, like you I hadn’t realised how the treatment would effect normal life so much and makes us feel vulnerable. 

    Good you have been out a bit too, I haven’t lost any weight, not once lost my appetite as sickness and nausea was one thing I didn’t have. 

    Slow and steady for us all and we will recover to the best we can soon .

    Got my 6 week check up oncology appointment through for 23rd , I’ll have everything crossed that day, yours won’t be far off too.

    Take care x

  • Hi Minty , 

    the fatigue is draining !!! Just driven from my partners house in Derbyshire to my house in nottingham ( 20 miles ) changed the bedding as daughter up from London and I’m done in !!! We knew this was part of course along with my gripes , bum hanging out , not literally but feels like it and skin still v sore bottom of spine .. I have no appointment till October , no one has called me throughout this trauma , but I do have a number to call them .. you must have good hospital where you are ? 
    take care 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hi Chrissie

    I go to Bexley cancer centre within St James's Hospital in Leeds , they have been excellent from day one. 
    I realise I’m very lucky as it’s a main teaching hospital with so many facilities.

    Hope you are feeling less fatigued today? My skin has healed well now 4 weeks later I’m still applying the Flamigel once a day but have cut down on pain medication as it is definitely improving at last, can sit down bit easier today. Like you I am still getting tired and it’s frustrating but I just rest as it’s all we can do. 
    Have a relaxing weekend and take care.

    M x

  • Hi Minty , 

    so pleased things getting better and you had such good care .. I had a better week but today got tummy issues and very tired !!

    I haven’t taken any pain relief but it definitely better week 3 post treatment … skin improving too 

    good days , not so good days …

    keep in touch 

    have a peaceful weekend 

    Chrissie xx