Never rains but it pours… back on the 2 week cancer pathway!

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So this afternoon my GP called me at 3:10pm and asked me to be at the surgery for a 3:20pm appointment… 

I’d made an online request early that morning (non urgent) to see them about a cough I’ve had for 6 months. Well less of a cough more of a constant clearing my throat. Been driving my husband bonkers RoflRofl

Anyhoo, I live 20 Mins away from my GP and it was peak school pick up time but I thought I’d better give it a go. Made it in time (drove like the clappers)  saw a new GP. 

Suddenly I find my self on a whole new journey… what I thought might be my thyroid he’s now insisted I be on the emergency 2  week pathway to see ENT (ears nose throat)  for an emergency sigmoidoscopy to see what’s going on in my throat. Completely random but he was quite instant. 

My cancer was SCC which started 21 years ago in my cervix, managed to catch it before reaching Stage 1, then in 2021 stage III anal cancer (both HPV driven) and now he wants me checked for my throat (you can get HPV driven  throat and tongue cancer. I’ve had a sore throat/neck hoarse voice for a few months but was assuming thyroid from blood tests but he had a look and disagrees. 

Not quite how I wasn’t expecting to spend my Friday night…  I know it’s likely just benign nodules in my voice box or something but then I absolutely would have put money on not having anal cancer but… stage III T4 N2 M0 proved me wrong on that one! 

and here was me having a worry about an anal fissure earlier this week… aaaaaaah  sorry rant cover  Sometimes we’d just like to get off the cancer train wouldn’t we… just was not expecting a 2 week cancer pathway referral! I mean when I had stage III anal cancer they told me twice I was fit and healthy and didn’t need a referral and now I’m suddenly on a new journey very suddenly! Harrumph… 

PPR xx 

  • It's kinda funny looking back, I had this not-thought-through idea that since I was dealing with anal cancer, the Great Granddaddy of cancers NO ONE wants even more badly than no one wants any kind of cancer, that nothing else bad would happen. 

    Wouldn't be 'fair.'

    Sometimes I'm a big silly baby.

    You are amazing, PPR. I'd be a gibbering mess. 

    I'm visualizing this being a weird allergy to something invasive blooming in your region and nothing remotely to do with any kind of phukking cancer whatsoever.



  • Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs! Please let us know how you get on.

    Moira x

  • I know, in a few weeks time let’s hope we’re all sitting back having a giggle because I’ve got laryngitis or something and it the bloody C word again. 

    Thank you all for giving us a a safe space to rant. Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest! 

    Sunnis shining, it’s 6:30am think I’ll take the dog for a walk (if he wakes up Joy) he’s a sausage dog and we all know how stubborn they are! One sniff of slight damp and he won’t go out that door Joy

    Thank you   aren’t we lucky we all have each other because no one understands quite as well as someone who has been (or is going) through it! 

    PPR xxx Kissing heart 

  • Will do Moira   Suz did make me laugh above! Joy 

    So big girl pants firmly back on just going to make the decision to pretend it’s not happening! I’m going to think of it as ruling something out not that they suspect the C word again! Probably got big girl pants in a twist yesterday as you start the Google search..don’t worry I quickly stopped myself and went to bed with a double dose of Nytol just to make sure! Joy

    It’s odd I’d just been saying with my husband that life keeps on whizzing by, the weeks just disappear  and could life slow down a bit and suddenly now two weeks stretching ahead seems rather a long time! 

    Thank you for replying, love this team we have here! Kissing heart 

    PPR xxx 

  • Hi  ,

    I’m sorry you’re going through this just now! Everything literally puts us on ultra high alert doesn’t it? but hopefully this is just your GP being overly cautious. Like Suz has said I’m hoping there’s a simple explanation for this. 

    On the subject of dogs I’ve a Cockapoo that will go out in any blinking weather! But in times of stress getting out in the middle of a field with her come rain or shine gives me headspace & helps me rationalise things a little. I’ve started listening to true crime/paranormal podcasts when I take her out so I pop my earphones in & I find I’m walking further as I want to listen to the end! 

    You know that this is somewhere where you can air your feelings/concerns without judgement & we can all sympathise with those feelings. 

    Please keep us informed on how things go, I’ve everything crossed that your appointment comes through quickly & is incredibly non-eventful for you! 

    Sending hugs.


  • Thank you all - our lovely crew here are always here to listen and give you advice. Honestly don’t know where I’d be without this forum!! Hearts

  • Hi Prettypinkroses I can relate to your concerns regarding your throat. After a year post treatment I also had an irritation in my throat and when I ate food I had a lump come up in my neck and I had scans which turned out to be blocked salivary glands. But when I first noticed these lumps and I would have a really salty taste in my mouth alarm bells started to ring. We always think the worst don’t we. I’m glad your new doctor is being thorough and hopefully it turns out to be nothing.


  • Oh PPR

    You don't need this, you really don't.  Just after we were talking about your fissure. 

    The positives to take from this is how good is this new GP?  I know it must be all very alarming, but you are going to be checked out thoroughly and he hasn't taken any chances in light of your history.  So there is going to be no hanging around.

    Nytol, I haven't tried that, I hope it knocked you out and you had restful dreamless sleep.

    And keep off Doctor Google, you are an old hand and should know better!

    Big hug

    Irene xx

  • Morning all, just to say appointment has come through for 25 June so I’ll keep you all posted! X

  • I'm glad they're not faffing about, Pinky, and getting you in there.

    How you holding up?