The stoma is done!

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Hello all

Well, I must have been be the only person who was skipping and jumping into the operating theatre on Tuesday morning - the medical staff were so kind and reassuring but I said I am absolutely fine with this op.  I didn't know about the epidural as well as the GA but that was fine too, the only thing that made me jump was the icy cold sterilising spray on my bare back!  Everything went smoothly according to the surgeon who came to see me yesterday.  He decided to do an end colostomy and not a loop as it results in a neater stoma.  What I didn't expect was the referred pain in my shoulders.  The op was done laparoscopically where the abdomen is filled with gas which disturbs the diaphragm and presses on the phrenic nerve causing the pain.  This was the only time I had a wobble but they give me morphine (no need to worry about constipation any more!) and a regular top-up of painkillers.  I must be alright as I am ravenous, only clear soup the first evening and joy, a yoghurt and jelly yesterday!

On the morning of the op I had to be at the hospital at 7am, I was awake at 4am and very nearly had an accident, if I had needed a final nudge (and I didn't) it was the reality of race to the loo and making it in time - just.

So very early days, but no real pain in the actual op site, just tenderness, no output yet and I have already had a practise run changing the bag with the stoma nurse.  I wasn't horrified by what just looked like a dark pink button slightly larger than a five pence piece and the changing procedure was so simple and well explained. 

And no regrets - the beginning of a new life for me!

Thank you all for your messages of support, so much appreciated.  

Irene xx

  • So happy for you Irene! Here's to the start of a new chapter in your life!

    Best Wishes,

    Moira x

  • That all sounds so positive Irene! You’ve been such a lovely support to me on here so glad to hear that you’re also doing well and sounding great x

  • I’m so happy to read this Irene! I hope this will be the start of a completely new life for you. 

    It took a week for me to get any output but I had wind(!) so they were happy with that. You’ll soon get into a routine once you get going and will hopefully be amazed at how simple it all is to manage. I have an end colostomy too and it’s much less time consuming than my urostomy!

    Anyway, sending big hugs-you did it! Onwards and upwards and hope all goes smoothly with your recovery.

    Sarah xx

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  • Look at you, rockin' it! What a badass!

  • I had wind last night too - gave me quite a surprise!  But it wasn't loud or intrusive in the ward and there are always various other noises going on around me and I am just not going to worry about it.

    Your advice was gold to me, Sarah.

    Hugs to you too.

    Irene xx

  • I often have wind Joy sometimes a delicate little flutter into the bag, and sometimes stonkers which are very loud! But it’s beyond my control so it is what it is. 

    If you need anything, please just ask and I’ll help if I can. I think I’ve got things down to a fine art after all these years and will probably have been there, done that! I do still occasionally get blindsided by an unexpected poonami-this happened a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday but luckily I was in the shower when it happened. Sometimes it’s amazing what can come of one person at one time! But the main thing is that none of this is painful when it happens and that will be a massive difference for you.

    Sarah xx

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  • So pleased that it’s done & dusted  , as you’ve said this is the beginning of a better quality of life for you. You’ve got an amazing outlook & attitude so I’m sure your recovery will be a speedy one. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way. 


  • Hi Irene,

    I just thought I’d message to wish you all the very best, from what I have read you certainly have made the right decision to have a stoma fitted, it will definitely give you a new lease of life! I’ve not been on this site very long but I can already tell that you’re a very remarkable lady who deserves to have a much better quality of life than you have recently been experiencing.

    Go out there and have some fun! 

    Very best wishes from, Adele. Xx

  • Hip hooray Irene. So pleased all went well with the operation and a new future. Enjoy the hospital food too!

    Julie x

  • Hi Irene

    So happy to hear the operation went well and to hear you say you have no regrets shows you made the right decision.  Like you say a new life to look forward to - no stopping you now! 

    Sounds like you are well looked after in hospital. Sending a big hug and very best wishes for a speedy recovery 

    Carole x Heart eyes