So Scared Again!

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6 weeks to the day of having investigation under general anaesthetic and having been told everything was fine, tonight, after my colostomy had been very active, I had to run, (well, hobble,) to toilet, leaving drops of blood behind me! I passed mucus and quite a bit of blood and I've been bleeding onto pads for 5 hours! I've just passed more mucus and blood into toilet! I'll phone colorectal nurse in the morning but I'm so scared! I keep thinking back to the beginning when I was told there was no cancer, then, a year later, there was, they just hadn't seen it! I'm terrified it's history repeating itself! I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight but just writing it down helps!

Thanks for listening,

Moira x

  • Oh Moira, I am so sorry you're so scared. We all have those moments when things happen out of the blue like this. 

    Just know we hear you and are here for you and we understand. 

    Try and get some rest and call the nurse in the morning, but if things get worse I would reach out to the on-call nurse.

    Big Comforting hugs for you


  • Hi Moira,

    Hope things were ok for you overnight, please let us know how you get on.


  • Thank you so much, and Mrs Vanilla too! I phoned the nurse and just speaking to her helped! The bleeding stopped in the early hours and I got an hour or so sleep! The surgeon has asked to see me in his clinic on June 19th. No one seems to think it's anything terrible so I feel slightly reassured! Thank you so much for being there, it's helped so much,

    Moira x

  • That's a relief for you! Doesn't sound like they felt it was anything to be alarmed about or they would have asked you to come in. Hope you feel a bit calmer today and can maybe put your feet up and have a snooze later. 

    All the best x

  • Hello Moira

    How frightening for you and I am so pleased your surgeon has been reassuring.  And June 19th isn't too long to wait.  The worry is always there, I know!

    Irene xx

  • Moira, I'm so thankful your bleeding has stopped and your team was reassuring and  they didn't feel it was anything urgent. 

    I had something similar happened to me and I immediately reached out to my team and they were also reassuring. 

    I'm glad you reached out to us during your time of need. We are always here for you. I hope you can get some much needed rest.

    Big hugs, Theresa

  • I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this Moira!! I’m pleased that the bleeding did eventually stop & that you managed to speak with someone though & that you’ve an appointment in the not too distant future. The sight of blood in the toilet when you’ve been through anything like we have is terribly alarming & when that bleeding continues I can really appreciate the panic & worry you must have been feeling. I hope that is the end of it & your surgeon will be able to reassure you at your upcoming appointment.