coccyx pain

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I am now 11 weeks post treatment and for the past 1 week or so it is really uncomfortable sitting down even with the soft cushions .  I have read about radiation damage to bones,   is this the normal part of recovery  or could it be something else lurking .  look forward to hearing your thoughts .

  • Hi Sim, at 11 weeks I was still pretty sore, but it sounds as if you were feeling better but a week ago it got bad again?

    I don't know if any of us can ever really be free of the fear of something else lurking. Radiation can damage bones, and I just had another bone density scan done. I had osteopenia prior to the treatment, so I take my calcium and vitamins D and K and do weights.

    And get scans when I can.

    DEFINITELY discuss it with your doctor. I don't think our doctors should discount the possibilities of lurk-age either. 

    We don't want to live in fear, but we also have to be realistic and stay on top of things.



  • Your new profile photo looks fab Suz. Amazing hair!

  • Oh, thanks, Julie! It's an old one, when I still had my mane and a lot fewer stress wrinkles. 

  • Hello Sim37

    If your follow-up appointments are anything like mine you should be coming up for your three month check-up, if so I would definitely mention it to them.  At 11 weeks out I still carried a cushion around to sit on and had a lot of pain every loo visit.  But please have it checked out especially if it has just started.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Irene xx

  • At 11 weeks post-treatment I still was very uncomfortable sitting.

    Have you tried a coccyx cushion? They have that area cut away. I took mine everywhere with me and always used it in the car.

  • Hi  ,

    I had what seemed like flares of discomfort for some time after my treatment had finished, these sometimes seemed skin related other times like bone pain, I especially had coccyx, hip & pelvic bone pain. My oncologist checked these areas on my scans for any fractures etc., that can be caused by radiation damage although he did say that it doesn’t happen very often. 

    I recall how every little twinge put me on high alert in those early days & I would advise if in any doubt give your treating team a call as a quick chat with them will put your mind at ease or they may offer to see you just to check you over. 


  • yes I have multiple for the different chairs I use.