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My aunt was recently diagnosed and is currently going through radiation. She has a lot of pain in the rectum when sitting. She has tried several seat cushions designed to offload the rectum but she finds it hurts more because it spreads and increases pressure. Has anyone had a similar feeling? If yes, what did you do to help increase comfort while sitting? 

  • Hello Anna

    I am so sorry to hear that your Aunt is suffering so much pain.  I used a Boots maternity cushion, a simple blow-up ring that I only needed to inflate very slightly to ease the discomfort and the really painful area was spared as my back passage was 'suspended'.  She should also  let her treating team know how much pain she is in too, she may need stronger pain relief than that which can be purchased over-the-counter.

    And in the latter stages of treatment I spent a lot of time lying down, the fatigue had really kicked in by then.

    I hope she gets something sorted out to help her.


  • Hi Anna,

    Sitting is just a very difficult thing during the late stages of treatment and early recovery. I had an hour drive one way to treatment, and by the end I had to shift wholly to one hip or the other and keep all the weight off my behind. At home I was either on the couch or lying back in a recliner. 

    It's hard to figure out how to live without sitting, but lots and lots of good cushy blankets, standing desks and lap desks are how I got through this phase. I hope it goes by quickly for your poor aunt. I remember how difficult it was.


  • Hi Anna.1  I personally could not use the rings as it forced pressure around the anus area and caused pain. I bought a square which was flat and lots of silicone cones all over it. This I could just about manage but it just takes time. I ended up sitting on one leg so my anal area was always raised. It does take time for things to start feeling comfortable 


  • It’s been more than 11 years since being in this situation, but I bought a super thick genuine sheepskin rug & found that the best help. Plus resting on alternating buttocks. Best wishes to your aunt

    Liz x

  • Hi I hope your Aunt is now sorted, we have ordered a cushion from this website for my husband who had an operation on his rectum - we ordred this one Sero Pressure Cushion Bonyparts Cut Out | Putnams and it has been life changing for hubbys comfort whilst recovering, and we have only had it a week. We tried ring cushions first but they weren't really any more comforting for him, the cover comes off for washing really easily too.