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Hi – from the US… I’m 3 weeks past treatment and doing well EXCEPT for anal itching. Was prescribed 2.5% Hydrocortisone last week and have tried every over-the-counter treatment I could find. But the itching remains!

Anyone else have this issue and any explanation or advice?  
Thank you!
  • Hi Mew, also from the US. I'm 2 years past treatment and today was an Itch Day.

    They don't happen all that often any more, but it still happens and it's still ghastly.

    I think it's just our poor outraged abused skin flailing its way back.

    I use a thick ointment I get on Amazon called Calmoseptine when things get bad, either pain or itch. It's goopy and pink but it helps. Also Benadryl, which I hate taking cuz it gives me a terrible hangover. But itching is just so freakin' hard to take.....

    I'm so sorry you're experiencing this, but very glad that you've finished your treatment and doing well with your recovery. That's huge! I hope the itching is a fast departing occurrence. I'm betting it is.



  • Hello Mew

    I have never had itching but you have my sympathy - I vividly remember taking a hairbrush to scratch my legs after an allergic reaction to wearing elastic flight stockings.  At least my itches were in an accessible acceptable place to scratch, anal itching must be the absolute worst.  Sorry I can't offer any advice but hope you get it sorted out very soon.

    Irene xx

  • Hello Mew

    sorry to hear you are itching - it can drive you insane !

    I am 1 month post treatment and the itchiness has calmed down a lot now. Hopefully your will soon, too.

    i find that taking an anti histamine helps. When it was very bad, I used lidocaine gel, which I got on prescription way back when I was told my cancer was piles. Finally, I spent quite a few nights sat on a sitz bath filled with warm, salty water, which helped too. 

    Good luck and I hope the itchiness improves soon.

    take care

    June xx

  • Hi Mew

    i used to use Domeboro itch powders from Amazon. You basically soak a small cloth in a pint of warm water with a sachet of this dissolved and wring the cloth out and cover your genitalia for about 15 mins. This was really helpful calming sore itchy skin.