Pre chemo blood tests clash with holiday

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My mums chemo cycle is day 1,8,15 and then a week offz this is likely to last 6 months. and as you will all know this also means pre-chemo blood tests every week except the week off! 

We have a few days booked at Center Parcs (arranged pre-diagnosis) and she’ll already be leaving early to go back for chemo but we realised shell need the pre-chemo blood tests a couple of days before which makes the whole thing a bit impossible.

Does anyone know if we might be able to arrange the bloods at a location close to our holiday so she can still come with us for a few days?

I know this sounds like a lot to ask but I just thought it might be possible to do it as it would be good for her morale to come. 


  • Hello HopefulOne

    I think it would do your Mum good as well!  I don't know how flexible the chemo unit she attends is, but I would ask the oncologist in charge of her care.  You might find that they can make alternative arrangements for the blood tests to be either done on the day of treatment (it can be done, just that not every hospital can get the results interpreted quickly) or can help arrange to have them done at a facility near Center Parks.

    Best of luck, I certainly don't think it is a lot to ask.

    Irene xx

  • Thanks Irene 

    To confirm we asked and they have been able to arrange bloods on the same day as a one off! So mum can come for more of the holiday! Thanks for flagging that this was possible Tada

  • I am so happy to hear that - I hope you all have a lovely time!

    Irene x