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As I suspected, the conversation between my gastro and me, as delivered by several schedulers, left much to be desired. Since she doesn't expect that she can get a good exam from an anoscopy, even when I'm tranked, we're proceeding to the EUA and we chalked this visit up to simply exchanging pleasantries.

Husband and I stopped for a delightfully woozy lunch on the way home, then I slept on the couch all afternoon and woke to have a surprisingly productive writing session.


Y'all get a month off from listening to me jitter.

:) Suz

  • Hi Ridetbread welcome to the forum. Probably not the outcome of the day you were hoping for but hopefully the nice lunch and a good afternoon writing has made up for the disappointment at this point in time. I wish you well for the future whatever that brings and hope that all goes as well as it can be for you. Thinking of you. x


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  • Hi Suz, so glad you got your way in the end, eventually but a shame you now have to wait a month ! Also I hope they find the reason behind your discomfort 


  • Oh, I"m fine with it. Anoscopies are not my friend. I was afraid I was going to get 'scoped AND have to get an EUA later.

    The fewer people peering into my nethers, the better.

    ;) Suz

  • Hello Suz

    Jitter away!  I am so sorry that this is how examinations have panned out for you but like Julie, I hope whilst they are in there (sorry) they have a really good look to find out why you suffer so much pain.  And better still, find a way to treat it.  But in the meantime, make the most of woozy lunches and your writing!

    Irene xx