I Need A Security Blanket

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And it's time for the bi-annual Suz meltdown. Anoscopy in 3 days.

It was supposed to be right to the EUA. They called to schedule it, then said that I'd need to see her (my gastroenterologist) for a visit first. So we set that up, and I added, just to make sure, that this would be a discussion-only visit, no exam. She sounded surprised and said she was pretty sure the doctor would want to do an exam.

That brought us to the usual back-and-forth about getting me anxiety meds before the exam, and something for the pain afterwards. So we got all that set up.

So, at this point, it just looks like another anoscopy. I'm gonna take TWO pills before I go this time and hope it's enough to relax me so I can tolerate that enormous torture device inserted into my poor bottom without screaming and passing out.

'Cuz if I CAN, I assume the EUA won't be necessary.

Whatever happens, I can pretty much count on being on the couch all weekend, hopefully drugged insensible.

I don't get why anoscopies are such an ordeal for me.

:( Suz

  • Because they are painful. That's why. You've gotten this far. You've got this Heart exclamation

  • Oh Suz, that must be so frustrating for you. You would think their communication between themselves would not be a problem with computer technology sharing information so easily. You do everything you can to make your visits tolerable and they don’t seem to get it! I hope the meds kick in enough to help you relax and try and make it bearable as possible and it would be soooo good if they do manage without the EUA. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Julie x

  • Oh Suz.  The thought of you going through this makes my buttocks involuntarily clench.  I have never been in then least surprised that you find them an ordeal, I looked online and you aren't then only one by a long chalk.  I had a DRE the other week and although it was a woman with small fingers she had to hand me tissues afterwards to mop up the blood and it was very painful too.

    Hopefully the extra meds will help and get lots of pain relief for afterwards too.

    We are all thinking of you.

    Irene xx