I’m bricking it!

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Morning all, hope I haven’t offended anyone with the title but it’s very appropriate to how I am feeling this morning. I am having a TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND this morning and just looked up what it involves. Didn’t realise they do it via a vaginal probe!!! I was worried about the drinking of 2 pints of water and not going for a wee but now that is the least of my problems. Hopefully it all goes smoothly and I have worried for nothing. One part of me says at least it’s safe an thorough and another part of me says whyyyyy.

will let you know how it goes. I have took a couple of pairs of knickers just in case.


  • Julie

    I had to go immediately and look that up!  So apparently it is a painless, relatively quick procedure, but I can understand your alarm, I too never like having something new (to me).  And drinking two pints of water...!  I would have great difficulty with that too, not drinking it but holding it in, everything seems to go through me really quickly these days.

    Please let us know how you get on, I hope it all goes smoothly and you don't need those spare knickers.

    Irene xx

  • Morning Irene, my appointment was for 10.40 and I am back home at 11.40 so pretty good going. I did manage to hold my bladder for the ultra scan on the tummy but then when she said they were going to use the probe I was able to go and empty it. It was pretty painless and looking at the amount of lubricant on top of it that would allow it to just slip in. Results in two weeks but she did say she couldn’t see any problems with the womb lining so good news. We are now off to the pub for lunch! Have a great day


  • Glad you got through it with ease. We become very protective of our "parts" going through this. 

  • Sorry I missed this post  but I’ve just got in from work. I’m so pleased the procedure wasn’t as bad as you were anticipating & everything looked ok, hopefully your results will be good. I’ve had a successful & painless smear test last year so it wouldn’t have been the probe that worried me but the thought of trying to hold in 2 pints of water on the other hand!! I literally can’t get from A to B these days without needing a wee especially in the mornings & if I feel the need I have to get there relatively quickly! Bring on the Tena Lady’s. 


  • Thank you Nicola. I was very surprised I held onto my full bladder. Sitting in the waiting you I constantly tried distraction techniques which worked. I wish it worked at night as most nights I have to get up sometimes twice but at least once. I came out there and thought why was I so worried. 


  • I had to look up what you English gals mean by 'bricking it' and I get it! That does sound like a lot! So glad it went well and you didn't need the extra knicks.