Cancellations frustration

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Oh my I have just had a call from Addenbrookes hospital informing me that sadly my appointment for my CT scan again has been cancelled. I now have to wait another two weeks! I asked them to just tell me if my scan showed anything suspicious and she said it had not been looked at and that is why they can’t tell me. I had that scan on the 17th January and I know they are frustrated too but why are cancer patients having to wait so long. I am still getting this orange type discharge and wondering if I should chance going to my go and seeing if they can give me a swab to see if it’s a infection but somehow I don’t think it is. It’s right inside and only visible when you use the dilators which I have stopped but occasionally use it to see if this disappears magically. No odour, no pain or irritation but as we know that proves nothing. It has only occurred since my latest surgery of the little lump. My doctors don’t really want to interfere when I am under oncology as they said they don’t have the expertise. Just ranting like we do! Not swearing get!

  • Oh Julie

    I completely understand how you feel; to have something like this hanging over your head is really awful.  I have been wondering if you had heard back yet from the hospital.  So your follow-up appointment is going to be a least six weeks after your scan.  Whilst I have sympathy with the junior doctors' strikes I wonder if they realise just what the impact is on the most vulnerable, as I am sure that many of the delays experienced at the moment are due the backlog.  Cancer patients shouldn't have to wait six weeks for results.

    Hoping the next two weeks fly by and you have that appointment and that all is well.

    Big hug.

    Irene xx

  • Thank you Irene. Would you believe it, I have just had a phone call to tell me they have reinstated my appointment. I asked my specialist nurse if she would tell me if I am to be worried as I remember the days when they would not tell you anything over the phone, especially pregnancy test results. She said that it doesn’t show any worrying concerns. On my that’s a relief but hopefully will find out what this discharge is. Fingers crossed. 

  • My fingers crossed too! x

  • Hi Julie,

    I’m so sorry you’ve this worry hanging over your head but having just read your reply to Irene I’m so pleased they’ve reinstated your appointment!

    As with most people I sympathise with why the strikes are taking place I also sympathise with anyone waiting for appointments etc., & especially with anything as serious as cancer services & the like. The damn government need to stop paying themselves over inflated bonuses/expenses & stop skimming off the top of money that should be going some way to solving why everyone including our valuable NHS staff are having to go on strike just to earn a wage that comes somewhere close to the rise in the cost of living. Yet again they’re hitting soft targets, the same reason that people with disabilities & the elderly keep getting their services cut year on year!

    Anyhoo… I really hope your team can give you some answers as to what this discharge might be & help you resolve it. Please keep us posted on how your appointment goes. Thinking of you. 


  • I had my appointment and she had the results of the CT scan which we said showed no concerns. But she did investigate the discharge and said as it’s been so long they need to take some swabs and send off to see if I have an infection. She also has put me on the long waiting list for gynaecology (her words). But if the swabs show just an infection then they will treat with antibiotics and take me off the waiting list. So just have to wait and see. My lovely Irish nurse who phoned to tell me they were cancelling my original appointment said she had not received the report that morning and saw no point in me coming. She knew I was upset so kept updating her computer to see if I came up and it did so she reinstated the appointment. Was so grateful. I agree Nicola it seems so unfair that the money isn’t reaching the right people.  The usual examination was totally pain free even though she said I was tight! Feel a bit more relaxed but hopefully I just have an infection 

  • I am so pleased to hear this Julie - and hopefuly the results of your swabs will be back quickly as well.

    A result of sorts, at least!

    Irene xx

  • Great news Julie, hopefully your swab results will come back quickly & it’ll just need a simple course of antibiotics to deal with it. 


  • Hi All, just to let you know that the swabs came up showing an infection. I must have had this since the surgery performed since August. I also had another call from my hospital giving me an appointment with the gynaecologist department for the 28th of this month. I got this call before the call regarding the swabs results and I asked if I should cancel but she said to keep it at the moment. They sent the prescription directly to my GP who phoned me and said they are sending it directly to my local chemist. Perfect outcome after weeks of stress and worry. I suppose I should have requested a swab test right from the beginning which would have sorted this out and saved a lot of time.  My doctor phoned again and said I must NOT drink alcohol during and two days after taking antibiotics. I have not had a drink for two and a half years but would have like to have had a nice glass of red but it will be worth waiting for. 

  • Hi Julie, although I’m sorry to hear of this infection I’m also pleased you’ve got to the bottom of it & are now receiving treatment in the way of the antibiotics. It’ll be an extra bit of peace of mind keeping the gynaecologist appointment too, fingers crossed the infection will be clear by the 28th & you’ll be sent on your way. 


  • Julie, my first thought is you must feel well and truly vindicated after some of the brush-offs you have had, especially if it could have been treated so simply right back when it first appeared.  But I am so relieved that it is an infection and nothing more serious and hopefully it will clear up very soon with treatment.  I am also on antibiotics for a chest infection and I read the leaflet carefully and it actually said you can drink alcohol whilst taking these!  So enjoy a that glass of red when you are finished - I certainly didn't wait two years for mine!

    Irene xx