anal cancer

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surgery and chemotherapy not an option, advice?

  • Hello eddiel

    I am so sorry to hear that two options aren't open to you.  I have read your history and your case seems to be quite complex (and beyond my knowledge).  I totally understand why you are looking for alternatives, has your team mentioned the possibility of immunotherapy?  I would also research (and bear in mind that your treating team may not be aware) whether there are any clinical trials that you could participate in.   I found this advice which may help.  

    I am really sorry I can't be of more help, I am hopeful others on here with more knowledge can assist more.

    Sending you a big hug, Eddie.

    Irene xx

  • Many thanks Irene, i have a cardio/oncology team working on my case, just had 4 minor Ops on heart to try to make it strong enough to cope with chemotherapy, though surgeries went well, results do not favour surviving treatment, I think we have talked about many options, but i will certainly look into your suggestion. take care.


  • Hi Eddie ( ), 

    Unfortunately I don’t have any constructive advice, as with Irene this goes beyond my knowledge but I just wanted to say I’m really sorry you’re facing this uncertainty!

    Your diagnosis is very complex & I think those best to advise are those that are medically trained. Do you have an appointment scheduled with your treating team to discuss next steps now that chemo has been ruled out? I really hope they have something else up their sleeve in the way of treatment that won’t affect your heart & will be effective against this damn disease! 

    I really hope you get some good news soon & sorry I couldn’t be of more help. 


  • Hi  Nicola saw my cardiologist last Friday and she had a meeting with my cardio team yesterday and their not hopeful my heart is strong enough for chemotherapy, though as i have 10 weeks before i see my oncologist they are going to reach out to colleagues for any advice that may help, and i am doing my bit.