Old APR Scar

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Hi I was just looking for anyone who has had a similar experience to what is happening to me.    I had an APR due to rectal cancer six years ago and which healed really well and has not given me any bother.  The scar was soft and flat.

On the weekend, I felt a bulkiness in my backside (at first I thought I had accidentally left some loo roll in my pants.  And since the weekend the scar is swollen and protruding and painful to sit on. I went to the GP on Tuesday who said he will give me some antibiotics but not sure where the infection is - but judged it to be an infection as I had a high temperature.

I went back again yesterday and another doctors said it might be a fatty lump, but I don't think he had a clue to be honest and I keep saying I have never had this before in all the time since the ops.

 Anyhow today it is getting bigger and feel lumpy and hard.  I feel like I have a rolled up flannel between my bum cheeks.

Anyway looking for anyone who had this before to see what they did.  I was wondering if was an abscess or something.

Any help appreciated as I am getting worried the scar with breakdown.

  • Hello JHLJules

    I am so sorry you are having this problem all these years down the line.  It sounds as if you could benefit from a seeing a member of the team who treated you in the first place.  They will have much more experience of these things than your GP, do you still have a contact number for them?  I think the protocol is that once you are signed off by your treating team you need to be re-referred by your GP but I am hoping that hasn't happened and you can still call. 

    Sorry I can't help more, I hope you get some userful answers.

    Irene x 

  • Thank you - I thought I might try the Stoma Nurse who I haven't heard from in years as had no reason to and I think I have been signed off as I have had no monitoring this year and I know the surgeon signed me back to the GP even though I have a massive hernia which we decided that it was too risky to operate on as I wasn't having any issues and he said it might make my life difficult so best to stay as is.

  • The stoma nurse would be an excellent place to start and hopefully she can get the ball rolling if you need specialised treatment or at the very least, point you in the right direction.  

    Best of luck 

    Irene x

  • Hi JHL Jules

    i have just read your post although i realise you posted a couple of months ago. Just wondering how you are and if you have found what is causing your swelling? I too had APR surgery and my scar began to become swollen. As I was having my yearly CT scan (rectal cancer 2022) I spoke to my specialist nurse and got an appointment to see my surgeon. The result of the CT revealed that the APR scar had herniated, the swelling in my scar where my bottom was is bowel that had moved down. I am now awaiting a plastic surgery repair as in my original op I had mesh. 
    I have to say it feels so like your description excepting it has got larger while I’ve been waiting (8months) and is very uncomfortable.  
    I do hope  that yours is something that can/has been easily treated and that you are now feeling back to normal? 
    Sending very best wishes to you xx