Difficulty wee-ing

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Having serious difficulty doing a wee. I feel like I need to go all the time and nothing apart from a dribble comes out. It’s so painful like a bruised horror cystitis type feeling but much more painful. 
anyone else experienced this? 

  • Hi  ,

    If I remember correctly you’ve just finished your treatment am I right? This could possibly be radiation cystitis or the whole load of inflammation that goes on during & after treatment has finished.

    I suffered a bout of radiation cystitis around weeks 2-3 of treatment & it wasn’t great although I was managing to have a usual length wee but I’d be back in between feeling the need to do more but as you’ve described next to nothing would come out. I was told unlike with bacterial cystitis there’s no treatment for radiation cystitis, I was told just to wash with the QV cream provided & to up my fluid intake, it passed in around a week or so. I did experience something like you’re describing though following my local resection surgery, I could feel my bladder was full but I was back & forth to the loo every 10 minutes just doing the tiniest bit, this lasted about 24 hours & I was on the brink of taking myself to A&E as I thought something was seriously wrong! In hindsight for me I think it must have been inflammation from my surgery that probably affected things. If this continues I would give your treating team a call just to be sure. 


  • I am sorry you are going through this, it wasn't something I experienced but I remember the feeling of cystitis only too well.  I would do as Nicola suggests and let your treating team know, they may well test your urine and prescribe something to tide you over until you improve.

    Hope you get this sorted out and soon.

    Irene xx