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Dear everyone. Sorry it has been a belated response to all your supportive and kind messages

As you say doctors can only guide so far and when I saw my own gp on Monday this week he said he was happy to keep me on the current medication

I've started having diarrhea this week but the hospital gave me a tablet for that plus getting more nausea. 

I hope ypu are all doing really well? A new year and it's a daunting time for these first scans I've had both mri and ct letters but they are both for 2pm on 11th March so need to get on to one of them and change the time!

Still not back at work. Mind you its a month since treatment ended Lacking in energy and walking with a stick to help give me support 

My previous employers will welcome me back but I'm stressing out not wanting to keep them waiting too long in case that window of opportunity closes

Hope everyone has a sunny blue sky day like we have here 


PaddyBud xx

  • Oh Paddybud

    The last thing you need is to be worrying about your work, your poor body has been through the mill and it certainly took me longer than a month to get back to normal.  I was still sleeping (lots) and being waited on by my poor family!  I certainly don't think your employer will suddenly give up waiting but I am sure you are keeping them in the loop about your recovery.

    I am pleased you have a sympathetic GP, so is mine and they are worth their weight in gold!  You might find that your hospital will do one scan immediately after the other, I always have that on my visits.

    Enjoy the sun!

    Irene xx 

  • Hi PaddyBud,

    The recovery can be so dang difficult. Trying to balance the runs and the clogs is a full time career in itself!

    I'm glad you're walking, stick or not. It took me a couple of months to be able to shuffle further than chair to commode to bed. 

    Try not to stress too much about your employers. If they've waited this long, surely they'll wait a little longer. It's so important to get your strength back, and that takes time!

    Enjoy that beautiful blue sky. It's overcast with a vicious wind in Sharpsburg, Maryland!



  • Hi  , 

    As Suz has said the line between diarrhoea & constipation can be an incredibly fine one to navigate especially in the early days post treatment, I would advise keeping a stock of both loperamide (anti-diarrhoea) & a stool softener such as Laxido or Movicol on hand so that you’re covered for each eventuality. 

    Try not to judge your recovery against that of others, we all recover at different rates with different hurdles along the way. Your body has just been bombarded with 2 really toxic treatments & it takes a while to build back your stamina after that but you will see improvements as the days pass by. Personally I was able to return to work on a phased return 5-6 weeks post treatment but the fatigue would still hit me out of nowhere, on the days that I worked I literally did nothing else when I got home, I would just try & rest for the rest of the day. It’s good that you’ve an understanding employer & as Irene has said I don’t think they’ll want to rush you back, just keep them informed on how you’re doing & I’m sure it’ll be fine. 

    We’ve had sunny, clear blue sky here today in the North East but boy has it been cold  

    I hope you get something sorted with your scans.