Day/night sweats worse and results.

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Hi a y advise or thoughts please - has anyone experienced increased or worsening of day/night flushes after chemo radiotherapy. I’ve been having them several times a day and night. Family are making comments how cold they are because I have to have the window or door open sometimes I’m that hot I’m sat with my trusted hand held fan in a t shirt and hubby and family are in in thick wi there jumpers then sometimes I'm cold and have to put a jumper on then 10 mins later I’m sweating again!!  O temperature I check regularly. It passes after a few minutes some days I only experience them about 4 thimes other days like every half  hour hour. I get so fed up some days. Can’t have HRT jdon’t know what to do it’s been going on for soo long now. Plus had some great news today got the all clear from biopsies only ain on one, next appointment and t ct scan in 3 months so why am I feeling down. 

  • I'm so sorry, Nanny, that's so aggravating! Sounds like the treatment catapulted you into menopause. Black cohosh and chasteberry helped me some, but not very much.

    :( Suz

  • Hi Suz I had already started it almost 10 years ago. 

  • Hi  ,

    I would take a visit to your GP to discuss your options aside from HRT as although we can all joke about it at times these hot flashes can be pretty debilitating in themselves, I remember my auntie suffering terribly with them to the point where she was almost housebound because she would be drenched in sweat if one occurred & would almost pass out!

    Obviously with the pelvic radiotherapy everything within the pelvis is at risk of taking a hit including for us females our ovaries so this is probably the cause, I had a mirena coil fitted some years ago & remember the Dr saying it should see me through the menopause which can often last 10 years or more so it’s feasible this is menopause related although I would still seek some medical advice if I were you especially with you experiencing low mood also. 

    Last but not least congratulations on your recent biopsy results, these must have come as a welcome relief. 


  • Hi GreenNanny congratulations on your scan results and I would say we expect to jump with joy but that doesn’t always happen and my experience is that I walked out of the room after being told I was NED and of course relieved but its the build up before the results that I think deadens the impact and the roller coaster of emotions we go through. I went through the menopause well over fifteen years ago and remember the hot flushes and my work colleagues complaining about me opening the window in our office in the middle of freezing winter! I would drive to work with all the windows open. I also remember the moods swings just before a flush. I would have a dip of low moods for absolutely no reason and then a flush would come on and when it passed I was okay. It was just like turning a light on and then off and it took me a little while to learn I was having a flush come on. This helped as I knew it would pass. Triggers were someone hugging me and my poor husband would be told to not come near me as I would flush and my back would sweat and I would feel claustrophobic. Sugar and hot drinks were another trigger but I’m sure you know what your triggers are as we vary. When I had treatment I did have a episode of flushes but now they have disappeared but as Nicola said, it can affect our ovaries even when you have been through the menopause. I’m sure i have more wrinkles now than before as my skin isn’t as supple either sadly!

  • Hello GreenNanny

    I had flushes in the weeks after radiotherapy finished, I would wake up in a wet nightdress they were so bad.  But they eased off and I haven't had them again.  Your treatment finished some time ago, so I am sorry that you are having these late effects now.  It is such good news about your biopsies, but I can understand your frustration at having to cope with hot flushes long after the menopause.  I would mention it to your oncologist, or if you aren't due an appointment soon, see your GP.  I have had various issues and he has had every one investigated.  He may be able to prescribe something (not HRT) that will help regulate your temperature.

    I do hope you get some help for this - I remember my hot flushes only too well and I would be really disappointed to have them start up again.

    Irene xx

  • Yes I think I’ll have a chat see what’s best. Honestly it’s awful example is just getting dressing and washed not only wiped out but full on sweating have to sit down for hr to hour for it to pass. If I attempt to make say toast or a decaf green green I’m sweating again. I also have notice some discomfort in my chest now for over a month it’s worse when talking to people I’ve increased asthma inhalers as lots of bugs and between 7 grandchildren one of them always has something bless them. Then back to normal but still have this discomfort sometimes a pain. Just don’t want then to think I’m a bother. 

  • Hi I’m so relieved to hear someone else has felt the same as me after good results. I feel the same even with grandchildren laying with me sometimes I get so hot! Thank you for the reply 

  • Hi Irene that sounds awful poor you I’m glad they have stopped now for you. I have to admit I was getting confused between my oncologist and surgeon I was thinking my surgeon was my oncologist all this medication doesn’t help!! I haven’t seen my in oncologist since December/January 2022/2023 since my chemo and radiotherapy finished. It’s my surgeon who I see 3 monthly. I’ve called today for an appointment as a sudden very bad sore throat as started but no available appointments till I call again 8am in the morning. Thank you for your suggestions xx 

  • Yes   get your chest checked out too! There’s lots of chest infections around here, everyone has either had one or got one, you can’t be too careful. 


  • Hi just a update seen the gp I have a chest infection been given Doxycycline x