Plant based diet??

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Hello guys thoughts please… I keep reading a plant based diet is a much better safer way forward also no sugar or dairy or alcohol. The chances of recurring is much higher if this diet isn’t followed. Now I’d definitely go organic if I could afford it I would love to for the animals too but the prices are crazy! I’d love a few mulled wines but seem to always see how bad this is. I do enjoy some plant based or vegetarian meals but love a bacon cob too but told this causes inflammation and should be avoided at all cost!! I know a good balanced diet is ideal but of course I want every chance of this cancer not reoccurring or lumps AIN becoming cancerous. Anyone have any research studies thoughts etc would be appreciated. Thank you x 

  • Hello GreenNanny

    I have read this too and the way for me is everything in moderation.  So I still enjoy meat (maybe once a week), fish, two or three times, lots of veg, oats and grains and try to avoid processed foods where possible.  A good rule of thumb is the less steps the raw food goes through to being on your plate the better.  I have very little salt and sugar, alcohol I still drink in moderation (and enjoy!).  BUT I always ate like this and I still developed cancer.  And I also have taken supplements all my adult life too, some of which are meant to prevent inflammation which can lead to cancer.  So personally now I don't get too hung up on the detail, my cholesterol levels are very good, I am not overweight and I exercise.  Not to the degree I did before cancer but probably about three miles walk with my pup a day.

    I am not saying my way is correct but it is one I am really comfortable and can live with.  It is hard isn't it, there is so much advice and research out there!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene sounds like we are pretty much the same diet wise although I could do with losing some weight but to be honest my portions have halved I have lost two stone. I can’t do any exercise now othFingers crossed than very gentle upper body and try to do stretches sitting for legs etc. I do my best so what will be will be Fingers crossed I hardly drink at all now compared to ore cancer which can only be a good thing take care. Thank you for the reply hope you are okay xx 

  • Hi  ,

    When I had my diagnosis I had a bit of a knee jerk reaction where my diet was concerned & went full on keto! I lost a lot of weight really quickly, partly down to stress I think but modifying my diet had a big impact too. At a time when I should have been feeling dreadful physically I felt really well albeit fatigued, all of my treating team commented on how well I looked throughout treatment. I’ve slipped back into bad habits since though & have come to the conclusion that keto isn’t a sustainable option for me so I’m getting back to clean eating again which means cutting processed foods, sugar & refined carbs etc. I agree that the less you need to do to your food before you eat it the better, read up on the oils that you cook with, I always go for olive oil, try to lower your sugar intake & don’t deny yourself bacon just go for nitrate free bacon (naked bacon is my bacon of choice). I suffer with osteoarthritis so lowering inflammation is an aim of mine. As Irene has said unfortunately the healthiest of people still fall foul to this awful disease but it makes me feel better when I’m being pro-active.