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Hi my dear friends, well it's been a little while but I've been keeping an eye on you all Slight smileRevolving hearts. I'm going through the scansiety stuff again after my normal yearly appointment with the surgeon and after not being called back after reporting a few 'bloody' and very painful issues months ago I'm having the scans ASAP had my CT and having MRI on Wednesday. Had a major swearing, crying breakdown at work the day after I found out which I'm really embarrassed about although I work in a SEND School and there was some lovely people that helped me avoid a straight jacket. I actually (apart from the embarrassment) believe getting it all out has been a good thing. I'll now be fine until the results arrive. On a more positive and happier note I've changed from buying lots of posh dresses (still have very sensitive skin and not able to wear jeans or trousers) and spending a bloody fortune on skirts and blouses I'm definitely going to need anouther wardrobe (heaving). Hope all the besties are still here...give me a shout if you are...I'm always thinking about you you loads Marie xxx

  • Hi Marie,

    I'm so sorry this has happened to you, what rotten luck! But don't forget you've got all of us here, cheering you on every step of the way! Scream  all you want! Just think about the fun you'll have buying a new wardrobe! My first yearly scan is due in January and I'm getting panicky already! I've had very sensitive skin since treatment, still can't sit for long, which is unfortunate, I use a wheelchair!Rofl But by now, I'm  thinking it's something sinister!

    I'd really like to say how lovely it is to hear from you, which, if course, it is, but I wish it was with better news! Fingers and toes crossed that it soon will be,

    Love Moira x

  • Marie

    Take a deep breath - every single build up to a scan I have had the most strange aches and pains, bleeding and twinges and my scans have all been fine.  It is a huge plus that so far our scans have been fine, but it certainly doesn't help when one gets these odd feelings that we think were never there before and imagine the absolute worst - I certainly do before each and every scan.

    I am keeping everything crossed that your results will be fine, please come back and let us know.

    Big hug


    PS I can't wear my skinny jeans and tight trousers any more either!  Ah well...

  • Hi Marie ( ),

    It’s great to hear from you although I’m sorry you’re suffering the dreaded scanxiety!! It just doesn’t seem to get any easier does it? Got everything crossed for good results for you Fingers crossed