End of week 3

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Morning all

So we made it to the end of week 3!

Little apprehensive about today, picc clean and flush, now, each time ive had this done it has been really quite sore, apart from 1 time, the nurse was a little more sensitive to the situation, this one other nurse seems very blasé when doing it, like turning to talk or get something whilst she is still holding the line, a couple of times ive had to stop myself from grabbing her arm as she turns, im getting sick of them saying it shouldn't be sore, it isnt until you get going on it!

Anyhoo, i try not to dwell on these negative things, its not good for the body or mind so as always, we keep moving forward MuscleGreen heart

  • Happyforager2

    You are over half-way!  You are doing so well.  And I am sorry you have a nurse who seems to have bypassed the 'have empathy for the patient' part of training.  Keep telling her immediately 'that really hurts' - sometimes you have to spell it out.

    13 days to go - mark them off!

    Irene xx

  • 'You SHOULDN'T be in pain any more' has become one of my most hated phrases.

    No, we shouldn't, but we are, and we're tired of being looked down on for it.

    I suggest you grab her by the nose the next time she insouciantly flumps your line around and tell her it SHOULDN'T hurt her either.

    Grumpy Suz

  •   thank you

    Different nurse today and the difference was night and day, i mean its still sore but she listened to me and thats the defining bit for me, she was happily taking into account what i was telling her, after all it is us that have to live with this thing so a compassionate ear goes a long way

  •   oh my days, that bloody phrase! Im sick of them telling me it shouldn't be sore, then when i explain a few things, the assumption soon goes and they quickly give me reasons as to why it can be sore, well im sorry but thats conflicting information, just bloody listen and act accordingly lol

  • That’s great that you’re over halfway now  although I’m sorry that you’re dealing with the insensitivity of the nurses dealing with your picc line, as Irene has said point out in no uncertain terms when it hurts & don’t let them tell you it shouldn’t!! 

    Good luck for the week ahead. 


  •   thank you

    I do make them more than aware that its sore, ive found out that i have a tendency to shout swear words when its sore, theres a lot of apologies from my side, i assure them im not like that in everdGrin conversation, its obviously a built in coping response, whatever works Grin

    The weekend has been a little messed up, had to go in today as the machines were having maintenance this Tuesday just gone, have been enjoying the rest at weekends but it needs doing so we keep moviMuscle forward Muscle

  •   you’re doing amazingly well & what’s a couple of swear words between friends eh? Yes I hit a week that was affected by machine maintenance, I ended up going in on a Sunday instead of the Monday. You’ve got this.