Ho Hey, It's Anoscopy Day!

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And y'all know how much I hate Anoscopy Day.

I should move to England, for many reasons, but no anoscopies being one of the main ones.

The anti-anxiety pill the doctor was supposed to call into the pharmacy still hasn't happened. Fingers crossed that I can get it in time to dissolve into a pleasant haze before getting probed.

Jittery Suz

  • Ah Suz

    It is frightening how quickly these appointments come round!  I do hope your pill arrived in time - keeping everything crossed that it isn't too much of an ordeal.  And I am VERY glad that anoscopies aren't practised here!

    Irene xx

  • Oh Suz!! I do hope you got your meds on time!! Fingers & toes are crossed for good results for you, I also hope the dreaded anoscopy went without a hitch for you, like Irene I’m so grateful anoscopies aren’t par for course in the U.K. Flushed


  • Very much hope you get your meds in time. Having had a colonoscopy without sedation and a sigmoidoscopy recently with sedation,  it did help. Hugs x

  • Hi Suz I know you dread these procedures and really hope they managed to get to you the anxiety pills. Shame they don’t provide hypnosis as imagine how useful that would be. They use it for childbirth for pain and anxiety. Fingers crossed you get that pleasant hazzzzzzzzzzzze

  • The pill did not arrive, but I dug frantically through the medicine cupboard and found a spare one she sent last time. I'm so put out that it's so damn hard to get pain meds when we NEED them, and apparently it's the same with anxiety meds.

    Even with the pill, the exam was so painful. She got a look but not as good a one as she wanted, so my next one, in May, will be a EUA. That does take away the exam fears, but the last EUA had me prostrate for a good week, wailing and wringing my hands like a Victorian ghost. 

    She has promised pain meds to take home.

    Gawds, I'm so over anoscopies.

    Wimpy Suz

  • Suz

    I am really puzzled.  There must be a lot of preconceptions out there about painkillers in the US being easily available, and here you are having to plead for sedatives and pain relief.  Undoubtedly you have anal stenosis as do many of us after radiotherapy which makes any examination very painful, even with a tiny finger!

    I am glad it is over for the time being, so sorry the exam was so painful and hoping that even under GA they will be gentle.  Sending hugs.

    Irene xx

  • Sorry to hear you've struggled to get the meds you need, but please, it is not at all wimpy to need pain relief!

    The procedures I've had were only uncomfortable and the meds still made a huge difference. The fact that your doctor struggled to get the information she needed only  backs up how necessary they are.

    Glad it's over for now, hope the next one goes more smoothly and you get the proper meds then. Hugs, Maggie x

  • They just don’t get it do they! I hope your pain settles down very quickly Suz x

  • What a bummer Suz (no pun intended!!) Great that they’re doing the next one under anaesthetic but that doesn’t help you right now does it? I would happily go under anaesthetic each time if I had to have regular colonoscopies! I remember before my diagnosis when the lower colon team thought they were dealing with an external polyp & internal ulcer they were going to remove the polyp & repair the ulcer & said they’d do a flexible sigmoidoscopy while I was out but normally it would be done with sedation, I have a friend that recently had a colonoscopy & he had the option of having it with or without sedation, he went for sedation & was fine but going without must be sooo uncomfortable especially with the added discomfort of anal stenosis & radiation damage to skin etc., it’s just not good enough! I hope the pain relief does it’s job & keeps you comfortable. 


  • It is NOT easy to get pain relief here, when I was in the midst of treatment I was in the local pharmacy weeping and barely able to stand from the pain, while the radiation nurse and my pharmacist yelled at each other on the phone, and at me.

    The pills came through today. Two. It's nice to have a spare if something happens like this past time, but what would happen if they gave me 20, with no refills for a year? Would I really abuse 20 anti-anxiety pills over the course of a year, when I actually have both pain and anxiety?


    I thought you guys had it easier!

    :( Suz