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Sorry just need to rant…having a another bad day I can’t seem to stay positive at all today I’m really worried about it coming back, got told today to stop moaning an get on with it which absolutely crushed me especially when it came from when I own mum!! 
mum eating rubbish I’m still smoking! Plus found out today they didn’t do the MRI scan properly so need to do it again they told me cancer had gone but now I’m scared they missed the bit we’re the cancer actually was an it’s still there! My head is all over the place! What are the chances of it coming back??

  • Kimj

    Sorry your Mum was less than helpful to you; she could come under the umbrella of those who don't know quite what to say (and if they do it is the wrong thing).  Your Mum probably is desperately worried about you but trying to gee you up - but not helpful, I know.  Take heart in that they are doing the MRI again and it is a double check.

    Sending a big hug

    Irene xx

  • Oh my poor Kimj, I'm so sorry that the anxiety is still so awful. I hope the do-over of the MRI is very soon so you're not waiting too long. Waiting is the worst. 

    No one knows what the chances are of it coming back, but you know that you've done the best you could possibly do for yourself by getting the gold star treatment in the first place. The odds are with you. It's no guarantee, but it ain't too bad either.

    Have you found someone to talk to about the anxiety? It's so not good for you to be this upset. And our friends and family, however well-meaning, just don't always know how to help and sometimes get testy when they realize there's nothing they're saying that's helping.

    Sometimes you really need a professional listener.

    And you've always got us!