Anyone willing to talk!

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hi still struggling I know not going to get better overnight but just wanted to talk really!

  • Good morning Kimj

    Sorry, I have only just seen this.  We returned from holiday on Monday evening to a balmy evening and glorious Tuesday - now autumn has come with a vengeance and I am struggling to stay awake at night!

    Have the additional painkillers kicked in?  I have been thinking about you, pain is so debilitating and I am not surprised you were feeling so depressed.  I am hopeful that one day you will look back on this period and shake your head and wonder how you got through it - but you will.  Now you have your doctor on board don't hesitate to call him again if you are finding things too much.

    Sending all the healing vibes your way Kim!

    Irene xx

  • Hi KimJ!

    it never works well in real time, but we're all here in our straggly way!

    Have the painkillers made any difference? Is someone going to address the new sore in your bum? What's going with the depression?

    Virtual coffee clatch!



  • So sorry  , I was out for the count last night after a late finish at work on Tuesday & a full on day both Wednesday & Thursday inevitably it all caught up with me & I was knocking out the zzzz’s on the sofa by 7.30 last night, I hope you managed to get some sleep last night & the revised pain relief is kicking in.