Colonoscopy- 1st one - GULP GULP

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I had a sigmoidoscopy years ago with no sedation and hated it and cried like a baby ! 
im 44 male with anxiety issues - have. CT scan and mri this Friday - gulp and This Sunday I have colonoscopy with sedation 

I’m soooooo scared about the colonoscopy- already been told my lumps in anus very much look like cancer (when I had an initial check with the consultant using a proctoscopic 

who does it feel ? I’m even worried about being sedated

  • Hi Unknowns

    You have a lot going on this week bless you. I have had three colonoscopies. I found the worst part was taking the medication to clear your bowel and would recommend a very light diet for a few days before no fibre -  not just the day before like the instructions say.  What goes in has to come out!!

    I wasn't sedated and used the gas and air which I found was brilliant although i did go a bit mad with it!  Make them aware how anxious you are they will look after you there is usually a nurse who sits with you and they all keep the mood happy with jokes and chatter to take your mind off what is happening.  The full procedure should be over in about half an hour so just think that it will soon be over and you'll be able to go home and eat what ever you like!

    You may be better being sedated a lot are then you have to stay in the recovery room for longer. They give you a cup of tea and biscuits and again look after you. 

    Good luck with scans too we are all here for you. 

    Best wishes


  • Thank you so much for your reply - I’ll defo ask for sedation if it’s available- but knowing u had it without and was ok makes me feel if I’m slightly sedated I should be fine - more anxious about what they find as the consultant said from the scope she used it looks like cancer but not sure what type x I googled (I know I should not have ) and seen anal melanoma which looks the worst kind but I’m jumping to conclusions I suppose 

  • Aaron

    I had a sigmoidoscopy with sedation and I was absolutely fine.  Please tell them that you need sedation and explain how nervous you are so that they can do all they can to relax you beforehand.

    As Carol has said, you do have a lot going on this week, use every relaxing technique in the book to get you through this, we are all rooting for you!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Unknowns,

    The worst thing about colonoscopies by far is the prep. Not as awful as it used to be, but bad enough. Once you make it to the gastroenterologist's for the actual procedure, you're already through the worst.

    I myself would never go without sedation. Knock my ass out before you go poking around. If they take biopsies (and it's very likely they will) you'll be sore afterwards so take any pain meds they prescribe and don't try to be brave. 

    If it is anal cancer, you want speediness. Get into treatment ASAP, get that bastard out of you, and start the recovery process. 

    Do your doctors know about your anxiety? Live better through appropriate pharmaceuticals!