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Hi just had my MRI today ti see if the treatment worked! Still got another 2 weeks to wait for the results to say I’m anxious is an understatement!! 
im scared it hasn’t worked! Cry

  • Hi  , the wait for scan results is excruciating, you may have seen it referred to here as scanxiety & I couldn’t think of a word that describes it better, I used to try really hard to fill my days whilst waiting on results so that the two week wait passed as quickly as possible, I even put overtime in at work so that I’d not be sat at home worrying, I’d plan lunch out with a friend, do jobs around the house that had been put off for too long, anything to keep my mind occupied. I really hope you find a way to help these next 2 weeks pass as quickly as possible. Thinking of you.


  • Hi Kimj 

    I know exactly how you’re feeling- I had my first MRI post treatment yesterday too . I swing from feeling all positive and full of energy to having to squash down a rising panic . 
    Keeping everything crossed that we both get successful results . Im with you ! Big hug 

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    Everyone on here knows exactly the turmoil whilst waiting for scan results.  It is a real shame that they can't process the results on the spot but of course they have to go through very careful examination by experts and we all have to wait.  Good advice from Nicola on keeping yourself busy.

    One thing I noticed about the hospital treating me, when I have seen the oncologist after scans they would invariably go through various questions first, how I was, how my bowels were, was I in any pain and so on, and I always have great difficulty in not blurting out but what about the scans?!  And the fact that the scans are clear comes almost at the end of the appointment.

    Keeping everything crossed for you both.

    Irene xx

  • Hi  , I remember those feelings oh so well!! I’ve got everything crossed that you both get through these next couple of weeks with your sanity in tact & that you both get great results. 


  • Gah! Waiting for results is MADDENING!

    I think we should all get to go on luxury vacations to fill the space between scans and getting the results!

  • Thanks everyone! I’m stressed to the max, I’m still in a bit of pain from the treatment so can’t walk very far or do a lot which is worse because I’m stuck with my own thoughts! 

  • Best of luck for your results. The wait is awful, I had my 7 month scans in June and didn’t get the results for 3 weeks. It was so stressful, keeping busy is definitely the key. I’m due my next one some time in October - the want to scan me 4 monthly which I have argued but haven’t won, 

     I’m already starting to worry and haven’t even had a date yet,

    I had good results at the 3 month scans and the NED at 7 months. Keep us updated x