Now have breast pain. *Update*

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Update - all clear on mammogram!! Yay hallelujah Pray The cysts are the same as 3 years ago apparently no concern all 5 are tiny. They couldn’t find the two lumps my gp found and have advised to use pain relief cream if I get the pain again. 

Hi everyone I’ve been having some very sharp like shooting /stabbing pain in my right breast now. It’s extremely fast from the nipple what feels like to the chest wall when it happens, over the last couple of months. I have been checking regularly and couldn’t find any lumps. On my last mammogram they did found 5 tiny cysts so I’m thinking it’s probably them just bigger. Went to gp she found two lumps! Been referred 2 wks urgent so now waiting for appointment. Anyone else experienced this after anal cancer xx 

  • Oh GreenNanny

    You are really going through it, you have had such a rough ride.  I haven't had anything similar, and I am hoping that someone will be along shortly who can offer you more information than I can.  I am relieved that your new GP has put you on fast track to have this investigated, please let us know how you get on.

    i am sorry I can't offer more help, GreenNanny, I am thinking of you.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene true to form you are always here to the rescue, thank you for your reply I really appreciate you giving me your time xx 

    I’m hoping it’s the cysts thinking positive just struggling with bad constipation as keep forgetting to take my cosmoCol with my Oxycodone terrible pains in stomach bowel and back hoping it’ll clear soon. In between everything we managed a little bank holiday break unfortunately received a call from the gp to say they had received blood results back and I’ve also been diagnosed with low AgI deficiency and referred to immunology for further investigations. My husband has also been referred for a colonoscopy and that appointment has come though. He’s recently retired and all we seem to do is hospital/gp/chemist/gp/hospital lol. The new surgery is incredible the care in on a completely different level the gps/receptionists are wonderful so very different to our last one, our eldest son was right in advising us to move!!  it’s a good job we have incredible family, our children & grandchildren are our world they bring so much joy and happiness xx hope you are keeping well, how are you Irene? Xx 

  • Hi  ,

    I’m so sorry that you’re going through all of this worry again, it must feel never ending for you! As Irene has said it’s good that your GP is being so proactive & hopefully your mind will be put to rest again soon.  I’ve a friend that has recently had a couple of cysts drained that showed up through a routine mammogram, I’ve got everything crossed that this will be the case for you too. I also hope your appointment for immunology comes through soon along with your husbands colonoscopy appointment. I’m so pleased you’ve such a supportive family around you & you always know where we are should you need us. Please let us know how you get on.


  • GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It makes me nuts that along with anal cancer so many of us are having MORE STUFF TO COPE WITH!

    I'm so sorry, Nanny. I have no clue what's going on, but it's just. Not. Fair.

    I'm very glad that your doctor appears to be on the ball and going after more information.

    Breast cancer is rarely painful, so hoping and praying it's something minor and easily fixable.



  • GreenNanny

    I hope it is the cysts too; I know that they are harmless but can grow rapidly too.  And I would be in a real pickle if I forgot to take my Laxido!  I take mine immediately after breakfast each day so that if I forget, I have the rest of the day to take it.  I had bloods taken fairly recently and I was borderline in just about everything.  I think the treatment has such a long-lasting effect on our general health and recovery can take a long time.  I have started taking my supplements again after a two-year break during treatment and they will hopefully have some effect.  I don't know how low Agl would be treated but there is some evidence that probiotics could help.  The last thing you need is to get ongoing infections and constant treatment by anibiotics.

    I am so pleased your new GP is so much better; a good GP and caring staff can make all the difference when you do have the need to visit.  And it is wonderful that you have such a close family, they really do bring joy.

    I am fine, thank you.  Scans coming up in October again but in the meantime, we are having a long holiday in Spain, it is glorious, not too hot and my daughter and son-in-law and their three little ones are here so very busy - I have to snatch a moment here and there to catch up with my post!

    My husband made a joke that our car could find its way to the hospital on its own, we have been there so many times!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene I know what you mean. Have a wonderful holiday relaxing with family take care xx